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Before: Zezanna Ch.6

by obey_jaidon

As Zezanna started down the road towards the entry of Manehattan , she was thinking about the murderer or kidnapper that took her parents. She was thinking about the way Zahira told her about taking revenge. "How about I talk to 'em first, and see if the kidnapper/murderer can save their own butt.", Zezanna thought to herself. Once she sat down to take a rest, her flank was gleaming. She looked down, and saw that she finally got her cutie mark, a feather with an arrow. She smiled at it. She could see the fountains and cozzy little homes of the area's land. "Hmph." She walked to the market, and she couldn't find the house. Surprisingly, a lot has changed over the past couple of years. She couldn't find the house, and it was getting dark. So, she rested on a high tree branch, where she had the perfect view of Princess Luna raising the moon. Once she did, the stars lit up in thousands of little dots, looking like a thousand fireflies. Zezanna rested her head on a pile of green and orange leafs, shifting constantly, to find a comfortable spot. She closed her eyes, breathing softly.

"Somepony resting on a tree is a bit weird.", an unknown voice called in her drifting sleep. "Who's there?" , Zezanna said, rising up quickly. "Just me." She turned around, to see a navy blue alicorn, with a dying baby blue colour hair. She had deep sapphire eyes, along with a black crown and a moon cutie mark. To her surprise, that was Princess Luna, daughter of the moon. ~