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Before: Zezanna: Ch. 4

by obey_jaidon

Zezanna looked out the old tree window, that was right next to her bed. It was late, but now was when Princess Celestia was raising the sun, and Princess Luna making way for dawn by taking down the moon. Star swirl the Bearded, an old unicorn sorcerer, took time off his hooves to teach these two young princesses to do this, with lots of practice. Zezanna remembered the sun and moon going all crazy once in a while, and smiled. She fluffed her pillow, excited for her bow and arrow lessons. She closed her tired eyes, and drifted off into a deep sleep. "Wake up, it's time.", a voice echoed, while being touched. Zezanna woke up, yawning with drowsy eyes. Zehira was opening a cloth bag, and taking out two eggs, one carrot, and three leafs. She sprung out of bed, remembering about the bow and arrows. "So, when are we gonna get started?" she questioned. "Being patient is another thing you'll have to learn," Zehira laughed. "First you eat, then go outside and stand on the rock in the pond and relax, then you come back and eat these leafs, then we can start." Zezanna looked at her like if she was crazy. "Wait, what?" she questioned. "Bow and arrow will begin, after those things you have to do." "Seriously?" "Yes, seriously. Now eat." Zehira placed a bowl of scrambled eggs, with cooked carrots and a cup of water. Zezanna loved eggs, and dove right in. Zehira sat down across from her, and started eating herself. Zehira laughed. "What's up?" Zezanna questioned. "You see, the only one who's sat here, would be me." Zehira responded. Zezanna shrugged, and continued to eat.

Once she was finished, she went outside and stood on the rock in the middle on the pond for a good half-hour. After that, she went back inside and ate the leafs. These leafs were Minty Deadra, which was an herb, that held good protein and vitamins. It was only found in the Everfree Forest, which was hard for merchants to collect them, and make good money out of it. Zehira walked by, and Zezanna stopped her. "Hey, I did what you asked me to do, now can we start?" Zehira nodded. "But we need the materials." Zezanna looked at her, unbelievably. "Don't you already have the dang bow and arrow?!" "Yes, I do, but you need to learn how to make it yourself. I can't do everything for you." And Zehira headed out the door, as Zezanna followed. "First, we need to talk about it first.", Zehira grinned. "Fine. Let's start, the sooner I learn this, the faster I can use it." Zezanna stated. "Good. Bow and arrow is a deadly weapon, but it can depend on the material. The best material for bow and arrow is steel, but as you can tell, we don't have that, and your not that advanced. So first, wood would be your best bet. Go get as many sticks as you can." So Zezanna stubbornly went into the forest and got as much as she could find. When she returned, it was already dark, so there wouldn't be any time to practice. She saw the old tree-house, with the lights on inside. She came in, and saw Zehira making an arrow. "Oh, there you are. You took forever. So now, since we can't practice, your gonna have to learn how to make it. Sit down, and we'll get started.", and Zezanna sat down eagerly, ready to start.~