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Before: Zezanna Ch. 10 Part 2 (FINALE)

by obey_jaidon

obey_jaidon Last Chapter of the first part on 'Before' Stay tuned for the next part, 'Chaos Bringer' >w<
Previously on Zezanna:
The battle between Sapphire and Celestia came to an end, with Luna officially ending the battle. Zezanna badly wounded, watching her sister leave, what might be forever.....

Chapter 10 Part 2:

Sapphire got smaller and smaller as she got farther. Everypony stared.

"She's gone. Gone. gone...." Zezanna thought, and fell to the ground, in pain, physically and emotionally.
Although Zezanna suffered with her sister, she still loved her, and it will remain that way.

"Luna!" Celestia yelled, running towards Luna, and giving her a hug. "Thank goodness you're okay."
As much as Luna was mad at Celestia for not including her in the speech she gave out before the battle, she hugged her tightly as well.
"I love you, sister." Luna said.

Everpony, the hurt guards, the frightened townponies, Obsidian being helped by one of the guards with the rock, Zehira, the dragon, all but Zezanna, were looking at the two royal sisters caring for each other.

"Zezanna!" Zehira yelled, and ran after her to help her.
Celestia saw, and ordered, "Get in contact with the hospital now!" ,and limped towards them, she being followed by Luna. Zezanna was badly wounded, worse than Celestia had been; broken wing, black eye, scars, stab wounds, but the worst, the amulet. A black substance started traveling deeper into her body, that could lead straight to death, starting at the amulet. Zehira immediately took off the amulet, and threw it out of Zezanna's range, and the hospital carriage came.

(Five Weeks Later):

Obsidian came into the hospital waiting room, with the dragon on his head. There was Luna, Celestia, and Zehira sitting on the chairs. As Obsidian was heading for one of the chairs next to Zehira, he asked, "Have they told you anything yet?"
The three of them shook their heads in sadness, and Zehira started to cry.

"She has to be okay, she was like my daughter, when I saw her, she looked like if she was just one step to dying." Zehira cried.
"She is going to be okay, I requested the most talented doctors in all of Equestria, and we have hope." Celestia said, placing her hoof on Zehira's shoulder, hugging her.

"Please, Mother & Father.....Aid her, I beg you." Celestia thought to herself.

Zehira took out the necklace with the feather, held it tightly, and held it on her chest, as tears fell, landing on her hind hooves. When the dragon heard the sniffing of Zehira, he leaped on to her lap, and cuddled her, to show affection. Zehira hugged the scaly creature close to herself.
"Wait, since when has Zezanna had a dragon? I thought dragons were only given to important ponies that visit the castle." Celestia questioned, confused.
"Oh, yea, uhh, ha ha, 'bout that..." Luna said, scratching her head nervously.
Then a nurse came out of Zezanna's room.

The nurse had pink hair, light red eyes, and mint fur. Her name tag had the name "Nurse Mint Breeze", with a picture of a mint and a health sigh, which was her cutie mark.

Everypony looked at her, hoping and praying for good news.
"Zezanna was lucky she came here fast, any sooner she would've been gone." the nurse started off. "Everything's been healing greatly, except one." This is when everypony started to pay more attention. "Her left wing." and the wing took out sketches of the wing, and placed it on the small coffee table in front of the two seats where they were sitting in.

The nurse pointed at the wing. "Here's the main bone, the one that holds the other bones for the feathers. She broke her wing bone, and normally, we would be able to fix it, but, unfortunately she twisted it in the process; so we cannot fix it. I do apologize, and trust me, if we could fix it, we would. We tried everything we could."
Then the nurse took out a paper and quill pen, and handed it to Zehira, "This is supposed to be given to a family member, and you, Ms. Zehira, is the closest she's got to family."

Zehira identified the paper in front of her. "What's it for?"
While gathering the sketches, the nurse responded, "This is an agreement paper if you want to remove the wing, and put an artificial. If yes, she'll be out in a couple days. Take your time." and the nurse went into Zezanna's room.

Thoughts were flooding Zehira's mind. She realized that Zezanna's loved flying ever since she's known her, and it's better than nothing. So she signed it, trembling a bit.

"Good choice." Luna commented.
"It's better than nothing." Zehira said, finishing the signature.
"Can we go in to see her at least?" Obsidian asked,
"Let me ask. I'll go give the papers while I'm up there." Celestia said, getting the papers and to ask a doctor.
"At least she'll be okay, that's all that matters." Luna said, to break the silence while Celestia was gone. And the two nodded.
Celestia came back and started, "Only one pony can see her as of now can see her. They're starting the surgery in a few hours."
"Zehira. You should go." Obsidian suggested, placing his hoof on her lap.
Zehira nodded, placed the dragon on Obsidian's lap, and going into the room.

Zezanna was half awake, when she entered the room.
"Zehira.." Zezanna spoke softly.
"Shh, Zezanna. How you feel?"
"Like Godzilla stepped on me." Zezanna giggled.
Zehira smiled and giggled too.
"When am I getting outta this place? Their applesauce sucks."
"In a couple of days. You did a very brave act that day. You stood and helped defeat your sister. I would give you a hoof-bump right now but.." Zehira laughed. "Good job."
"I thank I found my purpose, defending people who can't defend themselves."
"Maybe. That's a very good purpose."
"I'll meet the one who murdered my parents. But in the meantime, I won't worry about hunting them."
Zehira smiled. "You should get some rest." and Zehira placed a kiss on Zezanna's forehead, and left the room.

Several days later, Zezanna was released from the hospital, and was picked up by Obsidian in a taxi driven by a strong stallion. Obsidian helped Zezanna into the taxi, and then got in himself.

"Hello hello." Obsidian started.
"Hey." Zezanna smiled.
"Glad to be free from that bad applesauce?" Obsidian chuckled.
"You got that right. How's the hoof?"
"Um, it's been getting better. How about the wing?"
"Wing?" Zezanna asked confused.

Obsidian remembered that she wasn't told about he wing yet, and realized he wasn't supposed to tell her yet. Zezanna looked back, and saw her left wing was gone.

Obsidian smacked his face with his hoof. "During battle you lost it, and so the took it off to replace it with an artificial one. I chose the artificial wing already, and it's waiting in the castle just for you."
Zezanna started cussing and yelling, and Obsidian was trying to ignore it during half of the ride. To break the nonstop yelling and freaking out, he started, "Thanks for almost sacrificing yourself for me back there, I owe you one."
"What?" she asked.
"Remember when my hoof was trapped under the rock and Sapphire had the spell pointed at me? You said to have yourself being hit by that beam instead of me, I really thank you."
"Oh yea, what are friends for?" Zezanna smiled.
"That's the thing. I don't wanna go to far but, I have feelings for you. I noticed it when you were at the hospital." Obsidian confessed
"Wow." Zezanna started heavily blushing.

Obsidian couldn't believe he just said that.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to come off that fast, sorr-" Obsidian was interrupted when Zezanna leaned over and kissed him.
"I was waiting and wondering if you would say that." Zezanna said. "I feel the same."

Once they got to the Canterlot castle, they were greeted by Luna, Celestia, the dragon, and Zehira. Zezanna saw thousands and millions of citizens from all around Equestria gathered in front of the terrace on the second floor.
"Wow, do I get a wedding cake too? That's a big crowd." Zezanna said. The little dragon hoped onto Zezanna's head and showed affection.
"Hey there, buddy. Y'know, I never gave you a name. How about Nelarth?"
The little dragon nodded in happiness.
Zehira placed the necklace on Zezanna's neck, and the two smiled.

"C'mon, Zezanna." Celestia said, leading everyone to the terrace, over the thousands and millions of ponies. When they got there, Celestia first gave the intro.

"To all of Equestria's civilians! Today we celebrate the birth of Equestria's newest hero, Zezanna! She helped along with my sister, Princess Luna, daughter of the moon, defeat Sapphire Spells, the intruder. DarkShift has aged, and requested Zezanna to be the new general of Equestria's military!"
Celestia grabbed the artificial wing and placed it on Zezanna's left wing area. The wing was made of Demon's Wrath, topped with Dragon's Tooth.

"Demon's Wrath?" Zezanna thought.
Obsidian poked Zezanna's shoulder. She looked at him, and he whispered, "I thought you had the right to wear this one." Obsidian smiled, and she smiled back.

It was Zezanna's turn to make a speech, so she stepped closer to the edge of the terrace.

"I originally came to Canterlot to seek revenge on my parents' murderer, but I soon realized that my purpose is to help others. I swear that I will never leave Equestria in trouble, and I will protect it with all my strength and power. Equestria will stay built together brick by brick, being built with Serenity and Power. Always have Hope."~