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Before: Zezanna Ch. 10 Part 1

by obey_jaidon

There was a wooden door along with iron placed on the edges, that would lead to the guards' chamber. Obsidian pushed it open, having Zezanna go first. The moment she entered, the smell of sweat came rushing out the door.

"Do you ever clean in here? Like the chamber and the guards?" Zezanna questioned, with her hoof over her nuzzle.
"Honestly, I don't know. This is Celestia's guard chamber. I'm one of Luna's, if it isn't obvious. You get used to it."
"Pleasant." Zezanna commented, sarcastically.
"Stallions! The duel involving Princess Celestia and the intruder, will be held in the late afternoon. Seven of you will be there, standing guard. Do I make myself clear?"

The stallions nodded, and immediately started choosing the seven. Zezanna and Obsidian made their way to the weapon area, trying to get through the crowd of smelly and sweaty guards. When they got there, Obsidian already knew what he was going to get, a great sword made of the strongest jewel then, the Demon's Wrath.

"Nice blade." Zezanna said.
"The blade is made of the strongest jewel, Demon's Wrath." Obsidian said, touching the sharp edges.
"Don't you think that's gonna be to noticeable? I mean, I'll probably go for a dagger or something to hide it." Zezanna pointed out.
"Well, number one, I'm a guard. I have a right of holding any weapon I want. Secondly, I'm not going to be out in the crowd. I'm going to be on the Raven's Tower, a tower that looks about all of Canterlot. Lastly, you have to be trusted to have captivity of this weapon. So if I was some crazy guy with a Demon's Wrath, I could go to the prison chamber." Obsidian explained.
Zezanna nodded, and started, "I think this one's calling my name." and Zezanna grabbed a black and red bow, along with red tip arrows. Obsidian right after grabbed the bow from Zezanna's hoof.
"The heck?!" Zezanna yelled.
"You can't be trusted with this one. It's one of the strongest weapons we have, and it's not that I don't trust you, it's just that you have to earn this weapon. It's made out of Dragon's Tooth, a type of mineral that is rare, because only Bone Dragons have it."
"Well, don't you see I wanna take down Sapphire?!"
"I do, I do. But if it was my decision, I would, but unfortunately, it's not. Sorry."
"Then who's the boss around here?! I'd like to have a small chat with them, and they could say what you told me, right in front of my face."

The dragon in the bag was scared, seeing Zezanna blowing a fuse. It then crept back into he bag slowly, pulling the the cover over himself.

Obsidian hesitated. "The leader is DarkShift. She's the leader of all the guards."
"Well, where might this DarkShift be?"
"She's not here. She's out of Equestria at the moment."
''Well, when she comes back, we'll have a little tea party about weapons and trust."

Zezanna grabbed a steel dagger and flew to the entrance.
"You forgot the hood!" Obsidian yelled at her.
She flew back, "I knew that." She said like she meant it. And flew back.

Several minutes later, the seven guardes went to the plain, just on the outskirts of Canterlot. Celestia was getting ready, but Sapphire Spell was not to be seen.
A crowd was gathering for the thrilling yet fateful event. Zezanna gathered up with Luna to the plain.

"So. Where's Ms. Spells?" Luna asked.
"I don't know, but she'll show up."
"Obsidian is at the tower now, and the guards are spread throughout the plain."

Luna went to Celestia, talking to her before the event. But all of a sudden, a loud craking sound of lightning flashed in the sky. Everypony looked up, and a mare in the skies, and alicorn, flew down and landed on the ground gracefully.
"It's her. And she's an alicorn? Celestia's gotta show who's boss." Zezanna thought to herself.

"This is the area, hmm? I thought it would be more, what's the word, private? Then again, it's good because your subjects will see who's gonna own 'em." Sapphire said.

"These ponies are my subjects, and will remain that way. I treat them with care and respect, but you won't. I, Princess Celestia, swore an oath to protect my subjects and kingdom, and that oath will be kept! Sapphire Spells, you will uncover a true ruler and keeper!" Celestia ordered.

Zezanna looked at Luna, who looked mad and concerned. But her face, it didn't look like she was mad at the situation. After Celestia was done, Luna pushed through the crowd into the plain.

"What is she doing?!" Zezanna thought.

"I, Princess Luna, is also a true ruler and keeper, sister. Let me show this intruder show the other half of the sun!" Luna yelled.

"She's making a scene at a very wrong time!" Zezanna also thought.

"Sister, what shall you be protesting?! I am the eldest, the most responsible. I shall show Sapphire Spells the ruler! Get back now, I order you to go back now!" Celestia ordered.

Luna started shedding tears, and flew up into the sky, so high to the point that she couldn't be seen.

"Let's begin!" Celestia yelled.
Sapphire then created a huge beam coming from her horn. Celestia dodged it then did the same. It was a long battle, taking up about an hour or two, and yet still no sign of Luna. It was then when it was ending when it got deadly. The two were beaten, and struggling to get up from the grass, watching blood drip from their body.
"This is going to end NOW!" Celestia yelled, and shot a red beam towards Sapphire, taking her into a rock. An explosion occurred at he rock, then Sapphire got up from the rocks.
"Your right, it is!" And Sapphire flew up quickly, and tackled Celestia while harnessing a spell that Zezanna hasn't seen before. It was black, red, and green. She shot it at Celestia, hurling her into the same rock she had smashed into. Celestia looked as if she was about to die, but Zezanna ran through the crowd, tackling Sapphire to the ground. Zezanna punched her left and right.
"Zezanna!" Sapphire yelled.
"Yes sister, it's me."
"Join me! We could rule Equestria!"
"No, sister!"
Sapphire had an amulet that fell off her neck.
"No! The amulet!"
Sapphire's wings fell, and disintegrated.

"The amulet. That's what's giving her powers!" Zezanna thought.
Zezanna grabbed the amulet, and put it on. She grew a horn, and her eyes turned red and green. She shot a beam at Sapphire, hurling her to the air. She then tackled Sapphire in the sky.

"Who is this mare?!" Celestia thought.
Then, Zehira came running out of the forest.
"Your highness!" And Zehira aided Celestia.

"Watch it!" Obsidian yelled at Zezanna.
Sapphire was harnessing a power at Zezanna, and she dodged it.
"You are making a mistake!" Sapphire yelled.
"And I won't regret it!" Zezanna responded.
A huge blast came in the sky. Zezanna fell, and saw Sapphire hurling Obsidian into a castle wall, taking his great sword away, and a rock fell on his hoof.
"Aaaaaaaa!" Obsidian yelled in pain.
Sapphire harnessed power towards him.
"Make another move, Zezanna, and he goes!"
"No don't!"
"I will!"
"Take me! Not him!"
"What!?" Obsidian yelled
"Take me, and leave him and the kingdom alone! You've always hated me, do it to me then!"
"Fine." Sapphire said, and pointed her horn towards her.
"No!" Luna came running out of the sky and shot a beam at Sapphire, sending her out of Equestria.~