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OC doodles/drawings: Zero/Rex

by NightRaven

NightRaven Heh, this took a while, but it actually turned out better than I had expected. I actually thought that this'd look like a gray-and-orange/amber deformed blob as most of my work does. This is possibly the only good piece of art I have created at the moment.

I also couldn't choose between the name Zero and the name Rex. Here's some stuff about this character of mine.

Zero is a black wolf (but I had to make him dark gray) that was born with blue eyes, but he was blind in one eye. He had it replaced with an amber one as he had chosen it because he thought his eyes were amber. One of his legs was dysfunctional (not working properly) and so he had it replaced with a metal one. He also had to have most of his tail cut off due to it being infected with some sort of "tail-virus"; and it seemed to be spreading around the area he lived in. That's why many wolves in his area had short tails; some had metal replacements, but they ran out of them due to the rapid virus.

He also had a nose infection, but they couldn't sew the whole wound for some reason. He also was born with a pair of wings, but one had to be cut off due to being dysfunctional as well. (I couldn't draw the wings o-o ) Despite his odd past, he has lived happily with a shortened tail, a metal leg, a replacement-eye, a missing wing, and a scar over his nose.

Zero/Rex belongs to @NightRaven

I also strayed from his original design; A full pair of wings, a long tail, two metal legs, and no scar over his nose. I changed it quite a bit to how he is now ^^
  1. NightRaven
    Well, I haven't uploaded art since Fallout 4's release! It feels nice to finally upload some crap you've been wanting to for a while. ^^
    And I may or may not have rushed a bit...so that's why it's a bit weird looking.
    Dec 4, 2015