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Zelgadis and Jasper birth of a powerful duo: Zelgadis Bio

by Silvally

Silvally Name: Zelgadis "Zel"

Species: Silvally (Type: Full)

Like: Jasper, the color Pink, music (particularly gutter), the other Silvally's

Dislikes: Evil teams, abusive trainers

Bio: Zelgadis was created in the Aether Foundation Branded BK 02 but like the others Rejected the RKS system was masked and put in to permanent Cryo sleep but some how ended up in the mysterious Razie region a region where Pokemon seem to be truly mindless monsters after saving the woman who first found him he was adopted in to her family a year later Zelgadis' human parents would give birth to a daughter named Jasper Zel quickly became the child's protector adoring his little sister when the two's parents died he became Jasper's care taker after may events the two eventually ended up in Sinnoh of to start a Pokemon journey.

Personality: due to his amount of time out of Cryo sleep Zel is much more mature then other Silvally's and more under control although his wild nature does rear its head in intense moments and his anger is easily perked if Jasper is ever harmed. Zel is also very responsible before jasper was old enough to handle money he did holding all the two's belongings in to bags around his waist something that other Pokemon trainers find very odd

If you wanna see more about this Silvally and his journey read the story i'm writing about him and Jasper https://silvallyguardian.deviantart.com/gallery/65588144/Zelgadis-and-Jasper-Birth-of-a-powerful-duo (Zelgadis and Jasper Birth of a powerful duo by SilvallyGuardian on DeviantArt)