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Zelgadis and Jasper birth of a powerful duo: Zelgadis and Jasper Birth of a powerful Duo 2

by Silvally

Silvally Story of Zel and jasper
next morning i was woken by Paul exiting the bed room i looked at him as he got ready for his day he looked back at me it had never been just the two of us in a room
"um.." he said "g-good Pokémon thank you for giving us a night alone" he said i perked up he never just talked to me "look I'm going out to work today big delivery you know your job protect Artie" he said leaving i got up walking in to the bed room laying beside Mom she woke up petting my chest
"hey buddy you sleep ok" she asked i nodded "good" she said getting up stretching i noticed her wasn't wearing clothes i didn't know she was so pink she quickly put on some clothes then looked out the window it was raining "oh well no painting today come on Zel we need to buy some food" she said and we headed out over the next few months Mom and I continued our normal daily activities but mom was getting sick in the mornings a lot throwing up and everything and getting chubbier one afternoon when we got home Mom sat down rubbing her belly "Zel come here and don't lay on my belly" she said so i sat next to her "you've been wondering about my heath haven't you" she asked i nodded she knew me so well "well to put it simply you're going to be a big brother in a few months" she said i tilted my head she smiled "i have a baby growing in me and soon she will come in to the world" i looked at her baby that was one of those little humans i put my talon softly on her belly then felt movement and jolted back Mom laughed "i think she likes you" Mom said i felt a strange flutter in my chest and laid there calmly a few days later we were out painting i cuddled close to Mom as she petted me with one hand painting with the other i put my talon to her belly "you excited" she asked i didn't know how to answer "i am I'm sure she's going to be a strong girl and she's going to have the best big brother " she said i smiled we finished the painting and went home going to bed soon after i rested my body softly on Mom being careful not to press to hard on the baby the next week i was woken to a scream from Mom there was scrambling Paul picked her up and rushed out of the house i had no idea what was happening i waited there sadly hoping my mom was ok i just sat at the door waiting and waiting till i drifted back in to slumber when i was woken by cries i opened my eyes to see mom bringing something in to the bed room i followed Mom put the thing she was holding in the crib next to the bed the thing wiggled a bit "Zel come here meet Jasper your new baby sister " she said i walked over looking in the crib a small human was in there she had very short Brown hair and blue eyes i put my claw in the crib softly touching her when Jasper grabbed my claw i felt a flutter in my chest again
"Hey back up" Paul yelled i quickly scuttled away and Jasper began to cry
"Paul stop your scaring Jasper" Mom said scaring Jasper what about me Mom picked Jasper up rocking her back and forth i walked over whining a bit Mom softly pet my head fin then went back to rocking Jasper then laying the sleepy baby back in the crib climbing in to bed herself to sleep Paul began cleaning the house while he was out of the room i watched Jasper was this going to be a pattern was mom going to continue to paying more attention to Jasper then me i softly growled at my new "sister" she turned her head slightly looking at me i backed up a bit she looked inquisitively at me then yawned closing her eyes i sighed at least she didn't cry i jumped in the bed beside Mom napping with her till i was woken by Jaspers cries it just served to make me more mad at her Mom got out of bed picking jasper up cuddling her close sitting back down in bed moving her shirt from her chest and letting Jasper suck on one of her chest bumps i looked at her and whimpered Mom looked back at me then pet my chest "you don't need to be jealous" she said i looked her in the eyes "i love you just as much as Jasper she's just little you right now can physically survive without me she can't so i have to watch her more then you right now just wait a year or so and she'll be running around alongside you" she said i smiled under my mask it made so much sense after she explained it i was a fully grown creature while Jasper was newly dropped in to this world she needed protecting and i was going to be the one to do it soon jasper was back in her crib that night as we all went to bed i didn't lay on Mom instead i laid down right next to Jaspers crib when she cried i would make noise to her and she would relax unless she was hungry in which case mom would have to handle it next morning i woke early starting to put Moms art supply's in a bag like i did most mornings hanging the bag on the spike around my collar waiting when Mom woke up she walked out of the room holding Jasper "oh Zel you got my stuff good boy but..." she trailed off "Jaspers too young to leave home alone and i would be scared of a Pokémon attacking her if we brought her" she said i stared at her then lowered my head she took the bag off me putting it on the counter "don't worry this isn't forever we will have to change out daily life's for a while but things will return to normal" she said i nodded then she looked at me slowly repositioning me then laying Jasper in my arms the tiny baby snuggled in to my mane letting out a tiny yawn Mom got her canvas set up "sit still and keep her still" she said i nodded i stayed as still as i could and held jasper tight but gently as our mother painted us it took some time but she was a master at her craft Mom could paint really complex art in a pretty short time "what do you two think" she said showing it to me the painting looked so nice i felt so happy she smiled laying the painting where it could dry coming to get Jasper but as soon as jasper was moved from me she began to wail grabbing at my mane "oh my" Mom said laying her back in my talons and she relaxed "well she really loves her big brother" Mom said over the next few months i got used to being a big brother and caring for Jasper "Zel hon me and Paul are need elsewhere can you make sure jasper stays safe she's all fed so just entertain her when she needs" Mom said i nodded
"Artie you sure we can trust him to take care of her" Paul asked
"Of course he loves her and she always seems to want to be with him" Mom said Paul sighed
"yeah ok i guess" Paul said and they left i wandered to where Jasper was sleeping in her crib pushing it close to the bed laying on the bed she had gotten to the point she could move a little she looked at me grabbing her cribs bar i put my claw through the barring and she grabbed it chewing on me but i never really minded she didn't really have teeth yet i closed my eyes falling asleep when a loud noise woke me i thought it was Jasper at first but it wasn't it was an alert i heard the alarm bell ringing
"Pokémon are attacking" i heard someone yell i jumped out of bed looking outside we were under attack a large pack of wild Pokémon were attacking some were really big i began barricading the door but just as i finished a large Pokémon broke through it looked made of rock and had a drill nose with orange red spots all over it smashed the door in with rock fired from its palm i leapt at it fighting back but it was strong it smashed me with its powerful fist my head rattled against my mask i felt dazed as it kept smashing my head with his fists till i couldn't move it began to walk away smashing more of the house with its fists and wreaking ball tail my vision was fading when i saw it smashing in to there the bed room door and Jasper began to wail no i couldn't let that happen something began to well up in me i felt energized i got to my feet and let my power burst forth my mask shattered i felt lighter i rushed in to the room smashing in to the Pokémon keeping him away from Jasper it fired a boulder at me but i used my new speed to attack the Pokémon using my steely head butt and the Pokémon fell staggering to its feet i kept attacking till it began to run off i went to look outside most off the people had chased off the other Pokémon our village was wreaked and so was my home but that wasn't what mattered i limped back to the bed room to see Jasper she was ok just a little debris fell in her crib i used my mouth to carefully take the dangerous pieces out it was strange to have the use of my mouth like this i got on to the bed watching jasper i looked all over myself i was covered in blood i was starting to feel faint when i heard yelling for us Mom and Paul came in to the Bed room they looked terrified Paul quickly ran to Jasper holding her close
"She's ok" he said
"Zelgadis" Mom said walking to me "your mask" she said petting my newly exposed face then hugging me "you're all beat up did you protect her" she asked i just sunk my head in to her embrace
"Is he ok" Paul asked i felt shocked was Paul worried about me
"i think so but get a med kit" Mom asked Paul left and rushed back with a med kit and Mom fixed up my wounds as Paul held jasper keeping her calm till i was cleaned and bandaged i felt a lot better and Paul rested Jasper in my arms and patted my head i looked at him confused
"I'm sorry i mistrusted you. you really stuck your neck out for your sister you deserve to be part of this family" he said tears in his eyes "we heard about the attack i thought we were going to lose Jasper" i smiled rubbing my head against his hand i guess he was finally my dad i was left laying with Jasper as our parents fixed the house up as much as they could they came back holding some of my old mask
"Look at this stuff it's so heavy" Mom said
"He carried this around on his head" Paul said
"I know I'm having a hard time holding a few pieces" Mom said they put the pieces in to a box
"We could probably trade this metal for some good money" Paul said
"may i keep one piece" Mom asked holding one of the collar prongs Paul nodded as Mom put the piece aside taking her baby from me cuddling Jasper close then sit next to me wrapping her open arm around me and Paul sat next to her we were a family and i was happy.