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Zangoose Sketch (Uncoloured)

by crazyone

crazyone I always wanted to draw Zangoose because of Zephyr from @AbsoluteZangoose but kept distracting myself by playing almost hours and hours of Bloodborne.

Keeping the proportions right with the entire body was a little frustrating to get properly. Going to colour this one so comment below if you want standard red Zangoose or his Shiny counterpart.

Reason why the picture isn't that bright is because my room is dark and I'm sharing a room with my brothers who are currently sleeping.

It's 3 in the F@#!ing morning when I upload this, I'm going to bed, Good night.
  1. Astralpunk
    I had no idea you could draw so well, this is amazing~! :o:D
    May 24, 2016
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