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Zamcios contest: Zamcios contest entry: Hatching day

by OmegaCarvineplays

OmegaCarvineplays For @Zamcio contest.

Task 1: What is the gender of your PokéBaby?

Task 2: Give your PokéBaby a name!
Task 3: Set your location.
Kalos Region
Task 4: Tell us something about the parents and choose breeding move.
His parents were a shiny ditto and his trainers friends Hydreigon.
Task 5: Be a-bit-little-ly serious!
Hustle, the only ability he can have. He was born with the move Thunder fang

Task 6: Make some memories of the first sight of the newly hatched PokéBaby!
In the artwork he is shiny.

Sentence reads:" We can be the greatest, we can be the best. We can be the Slaking banging on our chests."

Is a parody I thought of called entering the Hall of Fame. It is linked because in Y I had a Hydriegon named Gamma who I beat the league with.
  1. OmegaCarvineplays
    Thanks it was meant to be how he had full faith in gamma.
    Jun 30, 2016
  2. Blue moon
    Blue moon
    I really like how Onega's face was drawn!
    Jun 30, 2016