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Yui (OC) + My Thoughts For A Certain Series

by BLOO Muffin

BLOO Muffin (I haven't drawn in a while. Wow) Yui is a thirteen year old girl who just loves to travel to different places. She is a very curious girl and can trust others very easily. She and her brother, Hikara were taken away from their parents when they were two and five years old due to their supposedly "dangerous" mother. They were both taken into foster parents and it seemed peaceful at first but two years later it turned into hell. Their foster parents turned abusive (im so original). After days and days of abuse, Hikara decided that they should run away. He grabbed his sister's hand and bolted out the door with her. They both ran as far as they could in hope of getting away from the abuse. Then, they reached a fountain in which they stayed for a few hours before a tall man with a very muscular figure and a large suit of armor appeared in front of them and looked straight at them. He told Hikara and Yui that he was their father. Both didn't trust him at first. He kept trying to persuade them to live with him and their "mother". Even though he seemed suspicious, Yui decided to go with him because it was their only chance to live in a home again. Hikara still didn't trust the man but he decided to go with her to protect her. They both went home with the man and it was perfectly normal. Their "mom" came out and she embraced them tightly. Her scent was very familiar to both Hikara and Yui. They still had some doubts that they were their parents but they just stuck with it. Skip ahead to five months and guards tried to take away their mother. She kept struggling but the guards had enough and decided to kill her right in front of the seven year old while the four year old was asleep in her mom's bed.

OOKAY. This backstory is not final for whenever I decide to make this series I've been planning. So I might draw Hikara after but I drew both of them but mostly Yui so much now thinking of a design for both of them. I want Yui to have that bandana of hers and a very childlike and sorta a girlish look but I didn't do that in this drawing for some reason. Yui was actually the second or maybe first character I created when trying to make a series. I drew her with that scarf and decided to keep it in her design. She was previously supposed to be an elf but decided to change her into a human. Now Hikara just came in my head after thinking of this random series and decided to just give her a brother. For his design, I wanna give him a mage kinda look since he's supposed to be a mage and I wanna give him a sorta "what am I doing with my life?" kinda look because I wanna give him a personality of normally not caring about stuff and just likes to be alone with himself. Take it like Dipper and Mabel and you might understand with what I'm going for with these characters. I still have other characters planned for the main cast which will consist of six characters. I drew all of them and I do plan to keep those designs. The main characters will be Yui, Hikara, Alima, Mira, Heath, and Demi. Each of their species are:
Yui and Hikara - humans
Alima - cat person (called cats in that universe)
Mira - wolf person (called wolf in that universe)
Demi - demon
Heath - angel
So I have all the personalities and designs for the characters down but I don't have much for their backstory. I'm posting this here to hear different opinions on this because I've had this in my mind for a LONG time.