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MHA: Next generation of heroes: "Yu can do it!": Yu can do it! Part 4: A Hero Emerges

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 MHA: Next generation of Heroes OC Yu Wu's backstory.
As the night continued lights were flashing and everyone was dancing. The whole building was filled with people eating, drinking(some more than they should), dancing, partying ,and even singing to karaoke. Yu was up on the stage as well as a couple other people singing "Funk You" by C-low Gween, "I guess the chaaange in my pocket just wasn't enough!... I'm like! Funk you! funk her toooo!" Yu sang as the party continued. before He could sing the next line a loud ringing noise could be heard throughout the building ,and a the lights began shining brighter and brighter. Then moments later Yu woke up to the rooms bright lights shining in his eyes ,and the sound of his alarm clock going off. "you need to quit singing at night! Because of you I can't get that song out of my head now!" Keiyo said pressing the pillow firmly against his head.

That morning they ate a regular breakfast and about an hour after they had finished and cleaned up they received a strange phone call from Yakumo's boss, "Yakumo its me! your boss! Some people came here today and I fear the worst... We were lucky here as some pro heroes had been patrolling outside and were quick enough to react before anyone could be harmed. However they didn't get here until after one of those thugs could get your address. I've already called the police ,but I fear the worst! please be safe!" Said his boss nervously. Yakumo was petrified for a moment ,and thirty minutes after the phone call some loud banging on the front door could be heard. Yakumo sent his kids upstairs and stood by the stairway with a pistol he had owned for several years. Yakumo wasn't an expert marksman ,but he went down to the shooting range once a week and had some experience if that would help. Though Yakumo wasn't sure what he would be going up against as a gun wouldn't make much of a difference against someone with a bullet proof quirk or someone with better marksmanship. Moments later the door was kicked open. A short thin man wearing a grey suit walked in smoking a cigar. behind him stood two large men wearing dark grey suits. As the men focused on the father they didn't notice Yu looking down the stairway.

As the men walked in a muffled gunshot rang out. One of the two tall men had shot the gun out of Yakumo's hand forcing him to surrender. approached Yakumo the short man began explaining how Yakumo was responsible for two of his lackeys being arrested ,and one of them being his son. While this was going on Keiyo wanted to get Yu back into the room ,but then heard a loud smash as one of the large men smash a lamp. Yu attempted to hide behind the couch ,but was noticed coming down the stairs. The man in the grey suit pointed to him with his cane, "Boy!... come down here and have a little chat with us. Were just here for your father. Don't worry! we won't bite you at least" Said the man with a rough grizzled voice. As he said that Yakumo looked over at Yu with fear and surprise. Yu reluctantly went down the stairs and as he stood by his father the man walked over to him and blew his cigar smoke at him, "See? now was that so hard?" Said the man as he turned around and walked back over to his two lackeys, "Tell your father goodbye... one last time" The short man said before pointing it at his head.

Before the man could pull the trigger, "Lacquered Chains Prison!" Yelled a voice coming from outside the house ,and as soon as the voice could be heard long branches extended into the house wrapping around the two large men. As the short man turned to see what was going on Yakumo too the opportunity to try take the gun from him ,but before he could take it the man noticed. They struggled for the gun until Yu stretched his arm to both the short man as well as his father's surprise as Yu stretched his arm out snatching the gun away. Moments later more branches came in wrapping around the short man ,and after that a man by the name Shinji Nishiya(AKA Kamui Woods) walked in to see the three gang members apprehended as well as his surprise to see Yu holding the man's gun. "oh hey! careful with that thing... I saw you grab that from his hand... that was some pretty good work. Someone such as yourself might consider becoming a hero... but that's just a thought of course! your free to choose your own path!" Kamui Woods said to Yu before speaking with Yakumo. After being spoken to by a pro hero Yu felt invigorated to hear those words from someone so amazing. Sure his father had given him praise ,but for some reason this felt different to him. Yakumo felt inspired and not just regular inspired ,but more inspired than ever as this is what he wanted to be. Yu saw Kamui Woods arrest the criminals and he thought to himself, this is what he wanted to do. This is what Yu wanted to do. When the brave hero came in to save the day Yu felt extremely relieved as he knew everything was going to be okay. At that moment Yu wanted to be able to give other people that same feeling of relief and to know someone was looking out for them. The other kids came down to see the hero listening to the father. After their conversation had ended Kamui Woods eventually left with the now arrested criminals. Yakumo discussed with his kids about what had happened ,and for the next for weeks they were all pretty startled and uneasy from the experience.

Since then weeks eventually passed, then months ,and then soon enough whole years had passed ,and yet Yu was still determined to become a hero. Years after the event Yakumo had earned such a great reputation that he was eventually able to open his own law firm. Keiyo had done so well in middle school that he was able to get accepted into a prestigious high school where he could focus on following the same path as his father of becoming a lawyer. Maya and Yu went to middle school. For a while Maya actually became jealous of Yu as during the time in school Yu had passed her up in grades ,and was accepted into AP classes just slightly before her. Maya went on to join the yearbook club as well as the school newspaper. Nia was now in elementary school and much like her siblings she was at the top of her class grade wise. To everyone's surprise when Nia's quirk finally awoken it was completely different from her parents as her quirk was called carob(type of gum tree)(her quirk allows her to heal damaged/sick plants with her sweat). Eventually after Nia's quirk manifested her and her sister slowly began growing a beautiful garden in their front yard earning the praise as well as envy from most of their neighbors. So much so that the neighbors were willing to pay them a respectable sum for them to plant beautiful gardens in their yards too. As for Yu he went on to join the schools karaoke club as well as continuing to pursue his regularly attended martial arts classes.
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