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Gaiien Region: You sound like 4 horses: Nightrojan

by Keleri

nightrojan dex.png
Keleri I'm foregoing the usual moves/stats/etc. for my fakemon since I'm in poor health, so anyone who wants to decide on some abilities/moves/stats, please suggest in the comments.

#147 - Nightrojan (night + Trojan horse + nitrogen)
Aeolian Pokémon
In antiquity, it was a favorite of sailors, bringing favorable winds as it ran hither and thither across the surface of the world. A clear, windy day was a sign that it had passed nearby. Like the other storm spirits, though, it could be capricious: it brought gentle breezes, but also the derecho.

Storm Spirit #3
  1. Gamingfan
    Okay, but which one can be considered "shotgun?"

    Also, I tried
    HP: 100
    ATK: 104
    Def: 84
    SpA: 104
    Spe: 114
    BST: (500)
    Ability: Cloud Nine/ Moody/ Four winds (Summons tailwind upon entry)
    Moves: Uhh...I'll get back to you.
    Oct 18, 2020
    Keleri likes this.