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Fakemon: You Shall Not Pass (New Fakemon)

by Mr Fishykarp

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 7.18.26 PM.png
Mr Fishykarp Introducing the final evolutions of my fakemon, you have already met Psystar

Name: Psystar (Psychic + Star)
Species: The Psychic Star Pokemon
Dex Entry: Psystar, the Psychic Star Pokemon.The Jellyfish which drained the Psychic Energy from Psystar has finally been overcome by Psystar's psychic powers, which now have nothing holding them back.
Typing: Water/Psychic
Ability: Torrent
Signature Move: Psychic Wave
Move Type: Psychic
Physical or Special: Special
Hits All?: Yes
Recoil?: No
Damage: 100
Accuracy: 100%

But here are the other two, first we have Pan, Final evolution of Pando

Name: Pan (Panda)
Species: The Panda Fist Pokemon
Dex Entry: Pan, the Panda Fist Pokemon, Pan is extremely wise and powerful, and has a kind heart. It often guards young Pando and Panfu and teaches them its skills, which it has practiced for years to master
Typing: Grass/Fighting
Ability: Overgrow
Signature Move: Nature's Fury
Move Type: Fighting
Physical or Special: Physical
Hits All?: No
Recoil?: No
Damage: 120
Accuracy: 100%

And finally Blazewing, final evolution of Heatah

Name: Blazewing (Blaze+Wing+Blazing)
Species: The Winged Flame Pokemon
Dex Entry: Blazewing, the Winged Flame Pokemon. Blazewing attacks its prey from above, roasting them with its flames, providing it with a ready-cooked meal
Typing: Fire/Flying
Ability: Blaze
Signature Move: Flaming Dive
Move Type: Flying
Physical or Special: Physical
Hits All?: No
Recoil?: Yes
Damage: 150
Accuracy: 100%