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You gotta rescue...me!?

by Curtkid

Pokemon Group Tree Task.jpg
Curtkid Been a while since I drew these characters in a group shot together, and I wanted to draw them again. This is my second "pokemon forming a tower to get someone/something stuck in a tree", but this time it's Whips, Jasper, and Embertail trying to rescue a Dedenne while Lockjaw looks on nervously.

Originally they were going to be trying to get a ball, but because @Loyaldis is gradually succeeding in his nefarious plot to make us all love Dedenne via subtle influence by posting a constant stream of cute Dedenne pictures, I decided to make the objective of their rescue attempt one of those electric fae gerbils instead. Besides, it seemed more noble for the group to be trying to help another Pokemon that may or may not actually be stuck. All in all, this thing didn't come out quite as nice as I wanted it too, but at least it isn't an eye sore, so that's something!

As always, thanks to everyone who views, likes, and/ or comments.

Pokemon is copyright Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company...everyone have a happy Halloween! I might have something spoopy put together, maybe...