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Pokemon Trainer Stories: Yellow's Story

by Noyeh Kaguya

Noyeh Kaguya
Yellow, also known as "Amarillo del Bosque Verde" , is a Trainer born in the Viridian Forest. A character exclusive to Pokémon Adventures, she has the powers to heal Pokémon and hear their thoughts. A happy-go-lucky girl who isn't very good at Pokémon battling, she essentially dislikes Pokémon battles because she cannot bring herself to hurt them. There have also been hints throughout her story that shows that she has a crush on Red.

She first appeared when Red's Story came to a start, though her name is not revealed until later on. Having lost her way in the Viridian Forest, Yellow was attacked by a wild Dratini. Red saved her and escorted her back to her hometown, Viridian City, and helps her catch her first Pokémon, a Rattata. Later, Yellow found Red seriously injured following his battle with Giovanni, and nursed him back to health.

Two years later, Yellow showed up at Professor Oak's lab disguised as a boy. Green sends her on a mission to rescue Red from the Elite Four, because of her mysterious Viridian Powers that allow her to heal and communicate with Pokémon. It is revealed that every few years, a baby of Viridian Forest is blessed with these powers. Lance, the leader of the Elite Four and Giovanni of Team Rocket also have these powers. Her true gender is revealed only at the end of her Journey, but she puts off informing Red of it.

Weeks later, Yellow traveled to Johto and meets up with Crystal. It is revealed that Yellow was the one who woke up the 3 legendary beasts - Suicune, Raikou, and Entei - from within the Burned Tower in Ecruteak. The two of them work together briefly, until they are separated by Lugia at sea.

After the attack, Yellow and her uncle washed up on shore, where they were brought to the daycare center run by an elderly couple. Soon, the center is attacked by a group of Neo Team Rocket members who seem only to be interested in Yellow's hat. In truth, the two feathers on her hat were the Silver Wing from Lugia and the Rainbow Wing from Ho-Oh, the keys to traveling in time, stolen from the Mask of Ice many years ago and planted there by Blue. This explained why the Mask of Ice has been trying to catch Lugia and Ho-Oh.

After fleeing from the center, Yellow continues to Ilex Forest, where she found Crystal, Silver, Red, Blue, and Green battling the Mask of Ice. As the Mask of Ice captured Celebi and traveled back in time, they found that Gold was trapped within time and needed the feathers to be freed. Gold and Yellow finally realize that the Wings are on her hat, and she is forced to take it off in front of Red in order to save Gold. At this point, Red finally learned Yellow's true gender.

Years later, Yellow (having grown older) returned to Viridian City. While there, she met Silver, who believed that he may have originally come from this area and had ties to the Viridian Gym before he was kidnapped by Mask of Ice, and is now looking for his family. With her aid and the sudden arrival of the Team Rocket operatives Orm and Sird (whom the two promptly face in a battle), Silver learned that he was the son of Giovanni, former Viridian City Gym leader and head of Team Rocket. After he was kidnapped by the evil duo, Yellow gave chase on her Butterfree, and soon managed to break into the Team Rocket helicopter to rescue him. Yellow is not a fighter but as she grows angry her Pokémon's level rise to eighties, making her as dangerous as the other Kanto champions in battle. Sird strongly believed that if the two had engaged into battle with her, they would have lost. She later reunited with Red, Blue and Green, and helped permanently disband Team Rocket in the Sevii Islands, but got turned to stone while doing so.​
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