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Yelli the Charmander

by PaperPap

PaperPap Me: You caught a Charmander?
My friend: Wait a Glumanda is a Charmander?
Me: Um... Yes? (duh...)
My friend: Man I called it Yelli 'cause it looked like it was Yellow.
Me: What the?! *checks his Profile* Hey are you colorblind? that doesn't look like Yellow at all!
My friend: Oh crap... Is there a name changer in this game?
Me: there's one in Lavander Town... But it's a long way 'til there...
My friend: Dammit...
Me: I'm gonna make a drawing 'bout this moment *bursts out laughing*
My friend: Why do you have to be so childish?
Me: said the one who called his Rival "Shit"

That moment was pure gold I couldn't stop laughing
Pokémon belongs to Nintendo

My DeviantArt Account: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Yelli-Told-Ya-634429944