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Yato - Noragami

by Atsuko-Chan

yatokawaiikakkuidrawofnoragami2.png hcdvshjvjsdvhjdwvkjds.jpg
Atsuko-Chan Hi guys!!!
Here is a draw of Noragami
yep, it's kinda weird 'cuz, in the anime everyone see yato as an loser who will never get a girlfriend or something like that, but FANGIRLS ARE SO CRAZY.
Well, my shipp is Yatori, (yato x hiyori), but, dude, fangirls are just so wild that they could slap hiyori saying "GET OU THE WAY OF YATO-SAMA DESU!!!". YATO'S EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL
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  1. Hisseki
    I love Noragami, and I ship them, and it's one of the the greatest things, and holy cow I need to chill xD
    But this is so spectacular! Great artwork for a great man!
    Aug 21, 2016
  2. OmegaCarvineplays
    Yato! Yukine you owe him for saving you instead of releasing you.

    I need more episodes.
    Aug 21, 2016
  3. The AnimeFreak
    The AnimeFreak

    (Honestly, I ship Yato and Hiyori too, and Yato is such an amazing person.)

    Also, nice drawing. Slightly accurate to what Yato looks like, and what he is.
    The King of Husbandos, I guess XD
    Aug 21, 2016
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