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z adventures: xyz adventures

by joseph the tyranitar

joseph the tyranitar
  1. we finaly arived in santalune forest.che:'|pi:'|.ok hey you let's battle!!.go surskit sur sur.:\=|: go pichu!!.pi! pichu use tundershock!! pichu!! oh no surskit!!ha easy:down::down: hey serena. oh:o hi rock.hey serena let's battle.:?yeah. so let's go.go fenekin!! fe.go pichu pi. pichu use tunderbolt!! pichu!!paf!! oh no fenekin!! fe>=O.ok let's go use flametrower feni!!.pichu iron tail pichu.puf!!fennekin you are okay. fe:down:yeah!! return pichu.pi!!.rock i can follow you in you jorney.yeah... so the adventures with serena and rock starts
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