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Pokésonas: Xenon (Some Story, too)

by YamiVolcarona

YamiVolcarona Xenon walked to the edge of the woods and turned back to look at her parents. They were standing together with proud expressions. She smiled back and waved. She was finally going to see the outside world as it really was. She felt anxious in both senses; she felt excited to embark on this new adventure, but nervous that she had no idea what the outside world was like besides what the other Pokémon she had spent her entire life with had told her. Xenon grew up hearing stories about great Pokémon trainers who could defeat the entire Pokémon League with a single Pokémon, trainers who could do everything right, trainers who could warp time and space itself. She was somewhat wary of humans, however, since most of adult Pokémon she lived with were "failed" attempts at a trainer Shiny breeding for a Shiny Lucario with Blaze Kick. She had picked up that move from her dad, but she still felt a little apprehensive about using it in combat. She smiled and set a jet for Aura into the air, and her parents waved and did the same. She walked to the entrance of the forest and looked towards the sunrise. She set out on the path that led to a crossroads village, keeping her family on her mind.

She arrived at the village around noon and was a little shocked at how many people and Pokémon there were. Even though she was 4' 1" (which is tall for Lucario), she felt a little short compared to a lot of other people and Pokémon, but she heard that that was normal. She weaved her way through the crowd and sat on a bench to try to catch her bearings. She started to try to identify some different types of Pokémon that were walking, floating, or flying by. There was a Luxray, Arcanine, Aegislash... Suddenly, she heard a voice next to her. "So, you new around here?" She turned to see a Bisharp sitting next to her.
"Um, yeah, I just got here today from the Steel Woods. Do you get Lucario here often?" The Bisharp shifted slightly closer, since he sat on the completely other side of the bench.
"Yeah, especially from the Steel Woods. The name's Styx. What's yours?"
"My name is Xenon. Nice to meet you." She reached out her paw for a handshake. Styx took it.
"Ah yes, Xenon. Element 54, atomic mass 131.293. A noble gas, and glows a nice bluish-white color. Fits well with Aura. I don't mean to be stereotyping, but you can use Aura, right?" Xenon smiled and summoned an Aura Sphere above her paw. She made it float around herself a few times, then made it spiral around Styx a few times as well. She saw that he was flinching every time it got near his face, however, and quickly extinguished it.
"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! I totally forgot about the 4x weakness to Fighting!" Styx looked over and smiled.
"It's okay, it's just a little habit from competitive battling. I've gotten my fair share of KO's from Fighting types. No offense to you, of course." He looked a little flustered.
"It's fine." Xenon paused for a second. "What's... what's having a trainer like?" Styx looked over from being in thought.
"Oh it's... it's really interesting. I hear it varies a LOT between different trainers. Some treat their Pokémon as tools and only uses some to get "better" Pokémon, some use them simply as a way to fill the Pokédex, but the lucky ones get a trainer who loves them as much as family." Styx smiled slightly. "I was one of those." Xenon noticed he said it in a way that made him purposefully say "was". She thought for a second.
"I notice you don't have a Pokéball tag. What happened?" Styx looked over.
"It happened about two years ago. I've come to terms with it, it's fine. One day, my trainer just... disappeared. Poof. Without a trace. We, my trainer's Pokémon and I, were released from our Pokéballs and had no idea what was going on. I still don't know what happened." Xenon's eyes widened ever so slightly.
"I think I've heard something like that. Like, from the other Lucario. It was called... called... oh, what was it...?" She thought for a second. "Oh, that's right. It was called a Time Reset, and a trainer could use it by entering a 'code' or something like that. It's all theory, though. I have no idea if it's true." Styx looked deep in thought.
"Hmm... I'll have to look into that. Oh, and if you don't want to find a place to stay for the night, even though it's still the afternoon, I know a place that'll accommodate anyone. I should know, I founded it." Xenon's eyes widened.
"Wow, really? That sounds great!" Styx smiled at her, and it was a smile that made it feel like the whole world was on your side.
"Then let's go!"


This is my first of two Pokésonas, the other being Styx. I'm probably going to draw him later.
Also, here's some random information that could be helpful for an Ask blog later *HINTHINT*

Name: Xenon
Age: About 16
Level: 62
Moveset: Aura Sphere, Blaze Kick, Dragon Pulse, Bone Rush
Personality: She's naturally shy, but tries to have conversations with others to try to get over it. If she makes a mistake, she'll apologize seven times over, and always tries to be polite. Xenon can oftentimes read the emotions of others and can help them in any way she can. She is very proficient in using Aura, a skill honed by many years of practice.
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  1. kirliakei
    I love her! I hope she gets many friends (and I can't wait to see that ask blog!) :love:
    May 23, 2017