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Writing Prompts: 4

by RenzFlintrock

RenzFlintrock Writing prompt from another site:

"That is a terrible, horrible, extremely bad idea. Let's do it and see what happens."
The two adventurers jogged down the road at a steady pace. Benji had his instrument slung across his back, and his bag hung at his side, filled with supplies. Just before they had left town, he had given Abbi some of the equipment to put in her own bag, so he was carrying a lot less. He still had more than her, though, and she was stepping much more lightly. The spring in her step was accompanied by an expression of excitement. She was clearly happy to be on an adventure, and it showed through in her face.

The road was bordered by tall grasses and the occasional sun-blanched grey rock. There were not many trees in this area, only groves of oak scattered here and there. The high sun was only blocked by clouds occasionally, and soon the travelers had broken a light sweat. Abbi chattered happily as they trotted along, Benji occasionally answered with some short remark or told a story, and the remainder of the day was passed in a not unpleasant manner.

As the sun sank near the tops of the hills, their pace slowed. A hundred yards off the road there was a grove of trees, and Benji suggested that they make camp there. Abbi agreed, and they moved away from the path and towards the arbor. As they neared, though, Benji noticed something.

"Wait, Abbi."

"It's Donna, now. But what?"

"There's a little bit of smoke. And listen."

When they both paused, a soft, beautiful voice could be heard singing, in tones that Abbi think of a gentle breeze rippling a quiet lake. Before Benji could move, Abbi had crept forward and peered into the grove. What she saw made her breath catch in her throat.


The word came from her lips in a nearly inaudible whisper. She felt a hand touch her shoulder, and then Benji was beside her.

"They're elves, Benji!"

He noticed the elated tone of her whisper, but set the thought aside for the moment.

"Yep... Wood elves, s'far as I can see."

"Let's join them, Benji!"

"That is a terrible, horrible, extremely bad idea."

She turned to look at him, surprised at his reaction. Then she caught sight of his face in the last rays of sunlight: he was joking with her.

"Seriously, though, elves aren't known for liking the company of humans. But let's do it and see what happens."

She nodded, eager for a chance to meet elves. She sat still, letting Benji take the lead and slowly stepping into the light of the elves' fire.
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