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wow i have a Pokesona now!

by DizzyW

DizzyW Ok so this is basically a ref sheet of my new Pokesona!
His name was Ozzy, but i changed that just a minute ago. So yea he doesnt have name. Its a breed of a Fraxure and a Seviper. Yes they are in the same egg group. (They are both in the egg group dragon.)
So basically its a Fraxure with the colors of a Seviper. He is also poisonous. Because his tusks are poisonous now, they arent as strong as the tusks of a normal Fraxure. As I have written on the ref sheet, the yellow parts are armor and can be taken off, but that doesnt happen alot. Thats all I guess...
Have a nice day

Update: i hate this guy now so yea, forget him
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  1. RockruffRocks
    he's baby
    i love him
    Sep 7, 2019