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Wotter And Trainer: Wotter's Return

by Popplio

Popplio Wotter and Trainer is dead. Accept it. But now, Wotter shows his face for the final time.
"Hey you stinky peeps! Its me, your beautiful Oshawott named Wot- Wot- Wotter! I'm here today to let you know the saddest news... My story is dead! I know, don't cry. But i can tell you right now, there is a new series on its way! Its name is 'How you should NOT treat your Pokemon!' I know, exciting stuff right? You know what? I'm gonna be a guest in the first work! While our gal Sarah will also be! You know what the best is? You can participate! Just message the hard working CelebiFTW like 'brah, my character piplup the mango needs to be in this, his trainer is kevin, and what have kevin done to mango he shouldn't have done? you decide. Stay fresh!' And yes, CelebiFTW has accepted this! Just hit him up! Oh wait, he is a girl? Okay then. Hit her up! And just to show you peeps a little excitement, i have a new little sample!"

"All trainers love their Pokemon, but people does some stupid things to them. Wanna know how you shouldn't treat your Pokemon? Stay tuned.

Kevin has a Charmeleon, they have been friends for a long time, Charmeleon is even soon a Charizard! But Charmeleon isn't totally okay with Kevin, he has done some stupid things with Charmeleon.. Now, Charmeleon has gathered some steps for Kevin. I have translated them, and boy. That was hard, do you know how hard it is to read Charmeleon language? Let's read it!

Step 1. More food. Kevin gives me too little food! Always saying, stay healthy.. If you don't stay healthy, i'm sending you to WonderTrade. Aargh! Just give me more food Kevin!

Step 2. Don't pet me. I don't have any fur! Are you a stupid human?! It hurts me a lot! I can burn you with my tail! What if i pet you? Huh? Huh?!

Step 3. Stop forcing me to evolve. You know that Raichu you had? He was once an innocent Pikachu.. THEN YOU FORCED HIM TO EVOLVE. LIKE WUT. YOU WOT MATE. I RECK RATATTAS BOI, I DON'T NEED EVOLUTION.

Now, Kevin's response.

Kevin's response: I understand you are angry my dear Charmeleon, but now i'm naming you 'your mom' and sending you on WonderTrade. Also, learn grammar. 'You wot mate' what? I don't understand you.

Aaah.. Aren't human and Pokemon's bond beautiful?'

Hyped? You bet i am!"
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