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Work in progress Mega Lugia.

by Normand

Normand When I look at this I know I did make some minor changes too smaller details, like Lugia's eye-horns or whatever you call them. I'm a big Lugia fan! So I wanted too contribute too the best of my artistic skills I could to make a mega Lugia. But in my head I think,"hmmmmmm this still looks like Lugia." I just didn't want to try to over do anything about Lugia too make it way off then not look like Lugia at all. It seems thats the method Gamefreak is using for the mega Pokemon designs trying too stay true too the original form of a Pokemon but add extra cool looking details. But with this one I'm not too happy with my tweaks something needs to spice it up maybe if I make him a little thinner then normal Lugia and make is whole body longer giving more flexibility with his body movement that would give him a speed stat boost I think? What should I do?