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Poetry Book: Woods

by Belladonna Valkyrie

Belladonna Valkyrie A poem about confusion in memory.
Stalking, walking, in this wood.
This wood of my mind.
I see what could,
What should, have been said.

There's claw marks on the trees.
Huge gouge marks.
Who's are these?
Well, they're my other sides'.

They're from anger, pain, and frustration.
Everything I can't handle.
They say I need some contemplation,
On how to endure the hits.

As I go further in,
These woods get darker.
There's no way I can win,
In this fight against darkness.

Now I'm lost here forever,
Wandering in circles.
No one here, together.
Slowly, slowly, I go crazy.
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  1. Belladonna Valkyrie
    Belladonna Valkyrie
    Thank you... I cry when I'm frustrated, upset, scared, and angry ><' so a lot it seems especially as of late... But H.O.P.E. dear. @Sasha the Eevee Master
    Feb 5, 2016
  2. Sasha the Eevee Master
    Sasha the Eevee Master
    Again... IM CRYING! AHH!!!!
    Good poem. Like my other comment really reminds me of myself. I get bullied 24/7 and when I'm not I get uncomfortable... 'I go Crazy.'- Woods, Belladonna Valkyrie
    Feb 5, 2016
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