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Wolf's Whereabouts: Wolf's Whereabouts: Chapter 1

by Blxckwolf

"Roserade, lets finish it with a Sludge Bomb." The Pokémon obeyed, forming multiple globs of brown sludge before firing it at its opponent. Luxio was hit and knocked back a few feet, its Thunder Fang intercepted. To disbelief of many spectators, the Spark Pokémon survived the hit and struggled back to its feet. "I thought you said finish it? We're not quite done yet. Luxio, Crunch!" The challenger cried, Luxio using its final power to gallop forward, its fangs glowing with a white aura.

"And three. Two. One." Gardenia snapped her fingers, calmly watching Luxio charge at her Pokémon. Like clockwork, Luxio dropped before it could reach Roserade, the effects of the poisoning flowing through its body winning her the match. "Luxio is unable to battle. Gardenia is declared the winner of this battle!" The announcer yelled, the spectators erupting in cheering and applause.

One of those spectators was a young Wolf August, for the umpteenth time. He could never grow tired of watching Gardenia fend off challengers with her Grass-type Pokémon. "One day you'll be standing across her, and I'm sure you'll win that badge at the end of an amazing battle." George, Wolf's father, smiled, pointing at the huge Forest Badge behind the announcer.


On Wolf's twelfth birthday, his parents gave him a letter that had come in the mail for him. He ripped open the enveloppe and tossed it aside, reading his letter.


Dear Wolf

My name is Professor Rowan. It is my goal to know exactly what kinds of Pokémon live in the Sinnoh region. To do so, it is necessary to collect date using the Pokédex. This is what I wish to ask of you. I entrusted you with this Pokédex. Will you use it to record data on all the Pokémon in Sinnoh for me?

Come by my lab and you will receive your very own Pokémon to help you with this quest.

Yours sincerely

Professor Rowan


Overloaded with joy, Wolf rushed out the door to Sandgem Town, through a path he had created in order to avoid the tall grass. Once there, he took a last deep breath before entering the lab, the automatic doors sliding open. After passing a few researchers and assistants, Wolf found Rowan in the back of the lab, fiddling with a capsule pod he had set up. Behind the glass, Wolf could see three Pokéballs neatly placed.

Before he could muster the courage to introduce himself, Rowan spotted him from the corner of his eye and turned to Wolf. "Ah you must be Wolf. You're right on time." He began, opening the capsule.

"You will receive your very first Pokémon today. This is not a decision you can just make hastily. Please take your time." With that said, Rowan took out all three Pokéballs and released the Pokémon on the table in front of Wolf.

"To your left is Piplup, the Penguin Pokémon. This Water-type Pokémon makes for a great companion. In the middle is Chimchar, the Chimp Pokémon. Quite the prankster, this fiery Fire-type could be an excellent partner in training. Finally, the one on your right is Turtwig, the Tiny Leaf Pokémon. This Grass-type Pokémon may seem weak, but it has great potential." Rowan finished his speech, taking a step back to let Wolf decide on which Pokémon he'd take with him.

Given some time to play with the Pokémon, Wolf first petted Piplup. It pecked at his hand, refusing to be petted. Wolf then turned to Chimchar, who swiftly climbed on his arm and onto his shoulder. After Wolf set Chimchar back on the table, he turned to Turtwig. When he reached to pet it, Turtwig pushed its head against Wolf's hand and wiggled its leaves, letting out a joyful sigh. He couldn't help but be drawn to Turtwig, petting the green turtle until it fell asleep.

"Your choice seems to be made." Rowan smiled, capturing the three Pokémon back in their respective Pokéball and placing them on the table in the correct order.

"I'll choose Turtwig!" Wolf declared, taking the Pokéball from the table, succesfully receiving his first Pokémon.