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Wolf August: Description

by Blxckwolf

Name: Wolf August
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Hometown: Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh

Wolf stands at 6", weighing in at 160lbs. He has an athletic build from keeping in shape alongside his Pokémon, and practicing Martial Arts as a hobby. He has medium-long shaggy brown hair, which he either puts up in a topknot or keeps out of his eyes with a black bandana. Wolf has ocean blue eyes with a hint of grey. Wolf always wears a Jade circle pendant around his neck.

Wolf tends to keep to himself, losing himself in thought or in the music blasting through his earphones, so you could say he's rather introverted. He keeps his circle of friends small, but will do everything for those who do get through to him. Trainers who give him an entertaining battle rise in his ranks. In battle, Wolf unleashes his inner beast. Sometimes literally. If the battle does not go his way, he has a tendency to let go of all strategy and become reckless, letting his anger and emotions take control.

Backstory: Wolf is the son of two trainers from Sinnoh; his mother Karen and his father George. From a young age he was forced into becoming a trainer, often having friendly battles with his older sister Alyssa using his father's Pokémon. He would often go see Gym Leader Gardenia battle challenging trainers, acquiring a fondness for the Grass-type at an early age. Aged 12, Wolf received his very own Pokémon, that being a Turtwig that's evolved into a Grotle and then a Torterra over the years.

1x Black "Koffing and the Toxics" bandshirt
- 1x Camo longshirt
- 1x black Eterna Electivires hoodie
- 1x black leather jacket
- 1x Black ripped skinny jeans
- 1x Camo cargo pants
- 1x Grey shorts
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