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Wiseong Hyuna Kim (위성 현아 김) - BTS OC

by Wi Seong Kim

Wi Seong Kim
Name:Wiseong Hyuna Kim
Kanji/ Hangul: 위성 현아 김
Romanization: Wiseong Hyeon-a Gim
Pronounced: We-(Wii)-Song-He-Yu-Na-Kii-M
Translates to: Satellite Virtuous Gold
Age: 19

Vital Statistics
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 97 lbs
Birthday: February 27th (1996), Aquarius
Blood type: A-
Nationality: Korean
Species: human


-needles (fear/ phobia)
-thunder (fear/ phobia)
-blood (fear/ phobia)
-bees (fear/ phobia)


-mushrooms (hates the texture)
-dogs (She doesn't hate them, she just thinks they're noisy)

Crush: J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok)

Appearance: 7xRh6 superthumb Short-blue-haircuts 2015-asian-beautiful-blue-hair-Favim.com-2804949

Style: She's very random in the way of clothing. She borrows outfits from friends, especially her friend's brother, Ji Young, the infamous G Dragon of BigBang.

Bio: -a mystery, she never tells anyone- So, find out~

Personality: Her personality is very innocent and spontaneous. And, rather to explain. On stage, she is very flirtatious. Extremely so, does the more... Perverted motions. But, in real life, she doesn't understand them. Only thinking them as part of the dance.

Band: Repeat

Position: Lead Vocalist, being as she can hit the high notes.

Other members:
Cherry/ Elizabeth Grace Smith- Leader
Sam/ Samantha Madison Williams- Lead Dancer
Kouhai/ Hitori Mutsu Akane- Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae
Taeyang/ Taeyang Kwon- Lead Rapper

Father- doesn't mention-
Mother- hates, and doesn't mention-
Brother/ sister- doesn't have any-
Cousin- NamJoon Kim "Rap Monster"