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The Four Seasons: ~Winter~

by kyuukestu

kyuukestu A little something I'd written...quite a while back. I can't even remember how long ago. It was for a winter Poetry contest I was begrudgingly signed up for ~
In the cold Winter cries, as the pulse of life dies.
Claimed by the cold, caught in death's hold.

All alone she stands, cursed with frigid hands.
She yearns the warmth of spring, or the life that summer brings.

Who says that winter loves- Freezing as she does?
Who told you winter doesn't cry? Her eyes have almost run dry.

In the coldest frozen lands, alone winter stands.
She wears a dress of snow, with no one there to show.

The beauty called winter lies, reflected in empty eyes.
She looks to the skies, To the heavens she cries.

The tears of winter gleam, down her cheeks they stream.
Falling to the ground, they shatter without a sound.

Who says she isn't cold- With only herself to hold?
The snow through the air it flies, The shattered tears winter cries.