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Requests: Winter Frontier (COMPLETE)

by NightRaven

NightRaven (This is a request from @Fujiwara ! Enjoy~)

An endless Winter has begun and Yui, Jason, and Lyra are trying to find the source of the unnatural weather. Lyra knows their Winter supplies at the Buckingham Palace are diminishing and will soon be gone. Jason, a highschool drop-out, thinks that Spring has begun somewhere else. Yui is tired of the cold and so she wants to end this. Will they find the source in time? Or will they all die a cold death?
Yui, a girl with long, dark brown hair, was beginning to walk down a path, her favorite coat on. Her coat was very, very thick so she could stay warm in the endless Winter. No one seemed to be outside at the moment as she was walking back home from College. She was moving rather quickly for she wanted to get out of the cold. She soon reached her house and openned the door, closing it instantly behind her to stop much of the cold from getting into the house.

She sighed and decided to make herself a warm cup of coffee to wake her up from the tiring day and so she could finally be slightly more warm. She waited for the coffee maker to finish while she sat down on the couch. Her mother walked into the room and glanced at Yui. "Welcome home, Yui! How was college today?" She asked. "Same as always. Full hour lecture about this, twenty minute test about that...it's always the same. Not a thing changes and they always give us multiple tests about a small thing...I'm starting to go insane because one of the things college is good at is boring you out of your mind." Yui grumbled.

Her mother chuckled. "Oh, Yui. It's surprising you never change even during the Winter!" she smiled. Yui rolled her eyes in response and got the television remote and attempted to turn it on, but nothing happened. "Here we go...again. Time to fix the sattelite dish." Yui sighed as she stood up. She walked towards the door, opened it and found her way to the dish, messing with it until something happened.

"It's working!" Her mother yelled and Yui got down, walking back into the house. "About time too..." she sighed. Her mother handed her the coffee. "This'll wake you up!" She said happily. Yui took the coffee from her mother's hands and took a quick sip before sitting back down again.

Yui looked at her mother nervously. "I don't know how I'm going to end this Winter. Is it even possible?" She questioned. Her mother nodded. "When it comes to you, anything is possible!" She laughed. "Mom, this isn't a joke. If we don't stop it, we'll die!" She said, slight sadness and worry in her voice.

Yui got up and sighed. "I'm gonna go find more about this. I'll be back...hopefully." She added nervously. She left her home and soon wandered on the sidewalk, soon bumping into someone. "Oh! I'm so sorry!" She said nervously. "Hey, It's okay, Yui!" They said.

"J-Jason? Is that really you? I'm surprised I found you walking down here. Why are you here?" She asked gently. Jason shrugged. "I dunno. Why?" He asked. "Oh, I just wanted to know because its quite unusual. I suppose the Winter is effecting you too?" She wondered. "It's effecting everyone. Everyone is acting different and kinda insane! I suppose you wanted to find out more about the endless Winter?" He sighed.

Jason followed Yui to the Buckingham Palace. The first person she saw was Lyra, a girl with long black hair and blue eyes. "What is it, Yui?" Lyra asked. "I want you to follow us to find more info on the endless Winter! C'mon, We'll all die before we get to know why it's caused!" she said. Lyra sighed.

Lyra nodded. "I'll follow. Glad to see someone is interested in the Winter." She said quietly, saying as little as she could. Yui followed a path that led away from the city they were in. They crossed through a meadow of which was covered in snow. "Who do you think knows anything about the endless Winter?" Jason asked doubtfully.

"Who knows, but hopefully we'll find someone- or something." Yui said. Jason sighed. Yui looked around as they crossed a frozen river. A loud howling could be heard nearby. "Did you hear that, Yui? It's like its telling you that you are going too far from the city! Maybe we should turn back..." Jason sighed.

"We aren't leaving. We must find what has caused this!" Yui said nervously. "Look, Jason, I'm just as nervous as you are about this...but we have no choice. Either look for what has caused this, or die." Yui said calmly. Jason nodded and continued to follow. Yui led the way to a forest as if she knew exactly where you are going. She decided to climb up a tree and sit on a branch, moving the leaves and branches away from her face so she could see better of her suroundings.

"All clear!" She yelled down to them and she soon jumped off of the tree, landing perfectly of which freaked Jason out. "What in the-? Yui! You're so...weird! How could that not hurt you?" He asked. "Practice." Yui simply said. Jason sighed. "Yeah, sure. I practice all kinds of things but do I get better at it? No!" Jason complained.

"Practice takes time." Lyra said silently. "What's up with her..?" Jason whispered to Yui. "Do you not know her? She is one of your closest friends, remember?" Yui giggled. Jason rolled his eyes. "Like I didn't know the obvious fact! It's just that she never acted like this before!" Jason sighed.

"What do you mean by 'this'?" Yui asked nervously. "Silent, keeping to herself, you get the idea." Jason sighed. "She has always been that way!" Yui said. Jason shrugged and continued to follow Yui. They just happened to reach a mountain, of which appeared to be where the snow was coming from.

They found a path up the mountain and followed it, huddling together every now and then due to the fierce cold. "When will this ever end?" Jason complained. Yui looked at him. "When ever it ends!" She said. Jason rolled his eyes, mumbled "Brilliant explanation" and became silent.

For every step they took, everything got colder and colder. "When will we get there?!" Jason grumbled. Yui glanced at him without a word. They soon came across a cave of which felt like the coldest thing in existence. "I think we're here." Lyra said nervously.

Jason looked around, seeming very, very nervous. "Do you think we should be here..?" He asked nervously. Lyra looked at him. "Depends..." She simply stated. "Depends? On what?!" Jason said.

Lyra sighed and said no more. Yui looked around. "I wonder what has been causing this..." She said silently. "Hmmmm...I think we've all been wondering that!" Jason grumbled, losing his temper. Yui sighed, knowing saying anything else would start a fight between the two.

Jason looked around. "Let's check it out. Maybe we'll come across something." Lyra said. Yui walked around nervously but soon jumped as she heard a hiss, as did her companions. A pair of amber eyes glowed in the darkness of the cave. "What are you doing here..?" It growled.

"Um...Uh..ehh....W-we mean no harm!" Jason blurted out. They did mean harm if they were to stop this thing if it caused the endless winter. Soon, a pure white cat with four scars across its face and torn ears appeared. It soon became a wolf, it's fur still white. "If you mean no harm, then you'll leave my cave...unless you'd like me to make everything even worse." It snarled.

Jason soon had a flaming blade; it caught fire as soon as he pulled it out. The wolf didn't seem frightened. Yui backed away nervously. Lyra held a battleaxe. The wolf became a girl with pure white hair and amber eyes and she held a blade as well of which was emitting frost.

Jason charged at the girl and attacked her with his sword but it failed instantly as she blocked his attack with a shield of ice. The sword vanished and soon her hands were emitting frost. She made multiple blades of ice appear around her and soon, with the motion of her hands, they flew at Jason. Jason avoided the blades of ice. The girl created spikes of ice that rose beneath Jason's feet, but he also avoided them.

Jason raised his blade and stabbed the girl with the flaming sword. She desintegrated and faded away. Suddenly, the snow stopped and the cold became warm. The snow faded away and exposed the soft green grass below. A green leaf fell to the ground and the group stared in astonishment as the winter had finally come to an end.

"Spring!" Yui shouted in happiness. Jason smiled and Lyra did the same. "Well, we wont be running out on anything now!" Lyra smiled. They all ran back into the town and giggled as everyone was Staring in astonishment. "Finally! Winter is over!" Yui smiled as she walked back home.

She saw her mother staring outside, eyes wide. "Spring is here!" Yui smiled. Her mother hugged her. "This is amazing! Welcome back home." She smiled. All went well the past few months; the supplies were restored and everyone was happy that what seemed endless had stopped.
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  1. NightRaven
    Finally, it's finished! Sadly, I forgot about it quite a few times but at least it's done! Hopefully you enjoy it!
    (Sorry for it being rather short! I couldn't really think of anything to type (darn writers block!) and I kinda wanted to end it...I will do one request at a time. Go to my thread for writing requests if you like! Remember, the requested sories may be quite short because I may get stuck in a period of writers block and usually, I just want to end it...)
    Oct 22, 2015
  2. NightRaven
    Darn it! I forgot all about this! I'm so sorry! ;-;
    Oct 12, 2015
  3. NightRaven
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