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Win or Lose it All

by Lucky Leafeon

Lucky Leafeon A poem about a young girl in the pokemon league. Every battle is a nightmare and every win is a dream...she could win or lose it all.
She stepped up to the battle arena.
Heart racing
Gallade waiting
a man shouts "Let's begin"
and she starts the show

First she battles a man.
Raichu shocks.
His Seel shrieks.
They send out two more.
Our Girl is victorious

Next a young girl is against her.
Gallade kicks.
Umbreon jumps.
They continue battling.
Our girl rises on top.

They continue, on and on.
Pokémon fighting.
Trainers shouting.
Our girl is the champ.
Now for the final battle.

She sends out her Honchkrow.
Honchkrow flies.
But soon faints.
He sends out a Blaziken next
and beats her Flaffy.

Raichu comes out.
Shoots sparks.
Blaziken faints.
On and On.
Then one-on-one.

Gallade versus Venasaur.
Gallade chops.
Venasaur wraps.
On and on.
Then the final blow...

Our girl left the league with her second place trophy.