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Why Pokemon Does NOT Signify Animal Abuse

by May The Psychic Trainer

May The Psychic Trainer This (I Hope) Will Show Why Pokemon isn't some animal abuse thing, I Wish That This Be A Useful Eassay.
Why Do People Think This?
The Reason, probably is you catch pokemon and "Force" Them To Fight, now if the pokemon doesn't want to fight it refuses to, And It Fights To Protect it's trainer. so it wants to battle other pokemon, it's not forced to, it wants to.
Why Isn't This True?
Because as i Said Above "It Fights To Protect it's trainer" so as you can see, the pokemon fights if it wants and, Dude It's F***ing ndentdo. So That's All I Have For Now I Might Make A New Story, Might Not, Well That's It, Oh, And I Have A Vid If You Wanna Learn more
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