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-Norian-: Whoa There's A War

by __Black_Cat__

__Black_Cat__ This is how the war started, plus even more info on the species. I'm calling them 'humans' -even though they're not-, but I might just call them Noridians?
Once upon a time, a planet encapsulated by joy and freedom was turned into a war driven world due to a catastrophic event. This world consisted of three primary races named Terranials, Aquavodics, and the Ambiterrantics. These three races lived in seemingly perfect harmony, until the land began to sink into the sea. The people of the land -Terranials- began to call out the Aquavodics -ocean dwellers- , claiming that they were the cause of the sinking singular continent. As the land began to inch down into the sea each day, the argument turned into a war. Norian became a two sided battle, splitting the peaceful planet into two. The Land versus the Sea. The Ambiterrantics were being slaughtered by both sides, due to the fact they can leak information on either side. This race was pushed into hiding, or forced into a criminal lifestyle to survive.
The Terranials chose their strongest warriors to run the lands of Norian. Coric controlling the air based military, Havian controlling the land based millitary, and Nora controlling everyone and everything on the land. The Aquavodics on the other hand, chose the richest family to control the sea. The king of the ocean is Kurpiel, who rules ‘along side’ his wife Cerian. Cerian was supposed to control the military, but Kurpiel gives her no rights even though she is Queen, hiring his best warrior to do the job instead. The warrior’s name is Dorvel. Dorvel secretly lets the Queen work with him, behind the king’s back.
The ‘leader’ of the Abiterrantics is mother Faraji. The woman was chosen to be the leader, because she is the oldest, and wisest amongst the race. Everyone in the Ambiterrantic race almost look up to Faraji as a mother. Anyone -even the criminals- would do anything to protect the old woman. Faraji is seen as very kind, taking the position of a leader and healer. She tries her best to get as many people as she can away from criminal activity, but she is bound to a wheelchair, making her journey fairly hard.
In every race, they all have animal forms. These animal forms, can only be changed into for a few minutes, once a day. Why you might ask? This is because the ‘human’ body can only withstand the pain of changing its body mass,weight, and such for a certain amount of time, before the pain actually sinks in. Yes, they can go over the transformation time limit, but they’ll most likely die due to the pain. Annd they aren't really humans, this is just a little more information on my species.
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