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Whispering Birch: Chapter One: OakClan

by Tamazarokon

Tamazarokon Expect more from my Star Sanses Series. Thought I started this because I couldn't wait any longer
Oakstar sat on the Highrock. Doveclaw walked up to him. "Oakstar, sir? Would you like me to get some warriors to go hunting?" The cat asked. He was the deputy until Tawnyheart, the actual deputy, had moved out of the nursery. She was nursing her two kits.

"That would be great, Doveclaw," Oakstar said. Doveclaw nodded. He told some warriors to go hunting. They nodded, and headed out of camp.

Tawnyheart sighed. Her kits, Goldenkit and Doublekit, didn't spend much time in the nursery. She missed her deputy duties.

Goldenkit and Doublekit tumbled into the nursery. Tawnyheart giggled. The two kits looked up at their mother.

Oakstar walked into the nursery. "You doing okay Tawnyheart?" He asked. Tawnyheart nodded. Both of the cats chuckled as they watched Goldenkit and Doublekit tumble.