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Where is my Sister!?

by BLOO Muffin

BLOO Muffin Darkness: Flamer where is Lightness?
Flamer: she is asleep
Darkness: can I see her?
Flamer: no! She doesn't wanna be bothered *chuckles*
Darkness: oh no I just wanna look I won't bother her
Lightness: hmmm
Darkness: what was that?
Flamer: my neighbors now go Darkness bye! *pushes Darkness out the door*
Darkness: wai-
Flamer: *slams the door* I hate your brother so much
Lightness: *does an angry face*
Flamer: oh yeah the tape *rips off tape*
Lightness: ow!!!! *covers mouth*
Flamer: what?
Lightness: why did you hide him from me?
Flamer: because I wish you were my sister
Lightness: that doesn't mean you can hide me from him!
Flamer: but
To Be Continued...
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