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When Night Falls

by NightRaven

NightRaven (Here it is; your surprise! Sorry for the delay: my finger has been hurting, especially since a burn from hot glue didn't help, and extreme exhaustion...
I hope you enjoy it!)

When an unemployed woman, named Ashley West, comes across a strange building, she finds herself, not only a new job, but a nightmare...
She had been confused while the others didn't want her for the night shift, but will she discover why?
Why is this place feared?
Four animatronics stood on a stage, singing happily to a major audience of children and parents. One was a brightly colored fox with red eyes and a bandana; another of the four was a black-and-purple blackbird with bright blue eyes; the third was a silver cat flecked with dark gray and yellow eyes; and the leader, the fourth who stood at the front of the stage, was a gray wolf with a purple stripe down his muzzle, and green eyes.
A few stood against the walls or near the stage to watch the animatronics. They seemed slightly worried. Then the animatronics introduced themselves again.
"I'm Alexander, the fox!" The bright fox smiled, a hand behind it's back as it waved rather...innocently.
"I'm Twilight, the blackbird!" The blackbird chirped happily.
"I'm Silver, the cat!" The feline purred.
"And I'm Trevor, the wolf!" The wolf howled, it's tail wagging so much that it looked like it might fall off. "And welcome to Trevor's!" The children were yelling happily, while the animatronics stared in silence.
"You kids sound happy! Wanna hear a song?" Alexander asked, but eh already knew the answer. This was just their progammed loop, but the children didn't mind, so long as they were entertained. The children became even more loud, mainly agreeing.
"Alright!" The fox called. "Here we-" But it's voice stopped, though it's mouth was moving. The guards looked nervous.
"Looks like we have a little melt down!" One of them called nervously. "You guys go on, we'll fix it." But before they could reach the animatronic, the other three bugged out as well.
Suddenly, Alexander leapt off stage, just missing from hitting children below. It grabbed the hand of one of the children and held the child up.
"This isn't what they were programmed to do!" Another guard wailed nervously. The fox pulled the child closer, opened it's jaws, acting like it was going to say something, before it's jaws clamped down on the child's head, it's razor teeth digging into it's head. The children backed away, and their parents pulled them closer as the child was dropped to the ground, dead.
The fox was smiling.
"Hurry! Get out of here!" Another guard told the people, urging them out. They ran out in fear, screaming. The fox screeched and lunged at the guard, pinning him down, but was knocked away. "James! Turn the dumb thing off!" But the night guard was already shutting it down.
"I'll turn the other's off too. We can't be too safe." James responded.

"Hey! Ashley! Wake yourself up already!" A voice called to one who was asleep. The person finally got up.
"What?" She groaned. Her hair was black as night and her eyes were hazel. Her brother stood in front of her.
"Remember the new job you finally applied for?" Her brother asked.
"Yeah," Ashley responded nervously.
"Remember the time you have to be there by?"
"Look at the clock."
Ashley did as instructed and her heart sunk. She was over an hour late!
"Aw, come on! Why every time?" Ashley wailed. Her cat, a ginger tabby with blue eyes, jumped up to sit by her. "Not now, Oscar. I have to get going! Brady, can you feed it? He's acting like he hasn't been eating for days!"
"That fat old tabby? Again?" Brady muttered. "Fine, I'll get at it. But you're taking them through the yard tonight!" They owned another cat; a black cat with green eyes named Holly. She was found roaming the streets, and they'd had her checked for anything and vaccinated. She'd only just fled from her original owner, and earned a scar on the muzzle from a sharp stone.
Oscar was found at an adoption center, and he fell in love with Brady and Ashley, immediately accepting them as owners. Brady didn't want to get a cat, but Ashley bought him anyways, agreeing to take the most care of him to pay her brother back, but Brady soon began to like felines.
Oscar and Holly were mates, but Holly wasn't even close to expecting kittens. Not yet anyways.
Ashley got ready, in a casual look, and headed out the door. Finally, she reached the building, out of breath. "So, this is what Trevor's looks like. Nice." She commented before heading in.
It was full of children, buzzing like a hive full of bees. One of the guards headed towards her.
"So, you're the new guard?" He asked. He was a tall blonde with pale blue eyes.
"Er...yes. I thought you would have already known."
"Sorry about that! When they told me you were coming by, I wasn't paying attention for what my boss told me to look out for." The guard chuckled nervously. "Anyways, welcome to Trevor's!"
"Thank you, uh..." Ashley murmured, waiting for him to state his name.
"James Trey." The guard responded. The two shook hands.
"Yeah. So, what can you tell me about the job?"
"A lot, Ashley! I've worked here for years, so I know every inch of this place..." I hope. He added in his head. I'm glad she's not on the night shift.
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