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ditto and nebby: when a ditto met nebby

by littenlover18

littenlover18 i hope you enjoy/enjoyed it
Moon: lille you are so so lucky to have nebby by your side and when you run out of repels you could battle with nebby!
Lille: *sigh* yes Moon thats all well and all but I dont usually use nebby in bat-
Hau: hey girls whats happening?
Lille: oh hello hau i was just telling sun that i dont normaly use nebby in battle or as a pokemon for that matte- WAIT where is nebby?!?! *she looks in her bag and around her but, no nebby...*
Moon: what do you mean?!? hes in the bag!
Hau: silly girl Moon its not in the bag look! *Hau points at the bag* SEE!! Moon: yes i do now!! now come on lets go on charizard *Moon uses her ride pager to call charizard* aww hi charizard now COME ON! *she pulls Hau up on charizard and convinces Lille to trust it*
Lille: ARGHH no thank you no not on him
(they set off for ula ula island)