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when a ditto met nebby part.2

by littenlover18

littenlover18 :3 i managed to put the gumshoos meme in
(currently Moon, Lillie and Hau are riding charizard on their way to Ula Ula island)
Hau: ur...Moon? whats that!
Moon: honestly Hau I actually don't really know *she guides charizard towards malie city* no!
???: ugh you
???: ya you messin with us all da time man! we has backup though. BIG SIS!!
???: oh you again...
Moon: PLUMEREA!! what are you doing here?!
Plumerea: jesh Moon im just taking a stroll what are you a human gumshoos telling people where they should and shouldn't be!
Moon: urgh lets just get this over with...