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Telling an Undertale: What you did

by Mr.RMA

Mr.RMA Alright kids, you and your Undertales and goat moms and 'Sans'es and whatnot seem to be all the rage these days, so, I decided to give it a go, but I figured I'd try and have some extra fun with it while I'm at it. So, inspired by the likes of folks like Psycho Monkey, I'm doing a Let's Play Journal to give my sort of perspective on the game's plot as I trod forward.

This first part was somewhat difficult to get right at first, considering I got the idea for this after playing through a somewhat hefty portion of the game and starting anew, but the way the game recalls past saves managed to make this far more interesting of a story to tell, one now sprinkled with regret and redemption, or perhaps simply adding more to what was already there? We shall see, or, more likely I shall see since I'm sure many of you have finished the game in some form by now. Ah well, either way I hope you enjoy my take on it.
I’d realized it was all a terrible mistake… around the same time I realized I wasn’t as soulless as I was desperately trying to be. These creatures, good humored, benevolent… they could have been my friends, but I coldly sent them to oblivion. I could have kept going, I was getting stronger by the second, with every felled adversary, but I didn’t want to. It hurt too much. Then I realized something… I could go back, at any moment I desired. I could start anew, I could be the child she wanted me to be… the friend he didn’t realize he wanted… a better human, a friend to monsters… Merciful.

Part 1:

The experience, that first try, it was something of a blur for the most part. I remember some nice words were exchanged, frogs were splattered, leaves were stepped on, carrots were mutilated, and spiders were paid for baked goods. I’d been as rebellious as I could be, without having my progress impeded of course, and I didn’t leave anything that got in my way alive. Perhaps I missed a few, some avoided my wrath, it was something difficult to say for sure but I felt others, who had trodden the same path as I, had given me their advice about such things… which would more than likely explain my regret in the first place. It had been there from near the very start… at least, when she called me her child one last time… but it hadn’t stopped me until I realized just how terrible a world I was making, just how much damage I’d cause, that would eventually be unfixable. I wasn’t the hero anymore and I realized I wanted to be.

If I was to be a hero though, I’d have to atone, and that’s where that wretched flower came in. I let its “friendship pellets” tear into my soul, let it trick me into thinking it was looking out for me. I knew it wouldn’t matter either way… She would save me, just as she had before. We went through the same early trials, but when I faced a fight, I chose the pacifist’s route this time, showed mercy and was therefore granted mercy. I felt weaker through it all, but no less determined, and perhaps in a way, generally a stronger person. I was merciful to every adversary I encountered in those chambers. That depressed ghost called me its friend, said it never expected to find one here… I’ll admit I felt the exact same way.

It was something of a blur, those simple puzzles, her calls concerning my preference over cinnamon and butterscotch, the plethora of monsters, up to the point where I found her again, and she led me back to her house. That warm, safe house, so homey, so welcoming, and there I was with that toy knife still in my pocket. Why did I even bother picking it up again? I was never going to allow myself to use it, but I couldn’t leave it there either. Maybe I just wanted to torture myself further, knowing who I’d let its blade impale once before, or maybe I hoped there was somehow a greater purpose for the damned thing. I hardly thought about it when I stepped back in that house to be honest. I was intent this time to be a good child, to be there for her, like she had been for me without seemingly any purpose aside from simple charity. I listened to her stories, happily snacked on the cinnamon-butterscotch pie, and made myself at home. I didn’t want to leave, I didn’t want to go down those stairs, I just wanted to stay where I was, where nothing could hurt me, and I couldn’t hurt anyone, but time seemed to just freeze at that moment. It was like some sick, omnipotent creature decided I couldn’t be the obedient child I desired, that I begged, to be. Much as I tried to deny it, much as I kept going up and down those steps, knowing the only decision I had, and not wanting to take it, it couldn’t be helped… this wasn’t my home. It wasn’t healthy for either of us to pretend it was. So I followed her, of course, she hadn’t destroyed the way out yet, and of course she wouldn’t no matter how long I waited.

It sickened me, how I had to defy her when I didn’t want to, and seeing that sneer on her face again… I wanted to cry, and I’m afraid that feeling will be all too common further on... She made me face her again, but this time I didn’t dare touch her, I pleaded for her to stop it, tried to dodge her strikes as best I could, though I was sorely tempted to just take them and let her destroy me. But she didn’t. I made it clear I didn’t want to fight, she yelled at me to fight back, but it was all too obvious that she wasn’t even aiming to hit me anymore. I stood my ground, but I didn’t fight, and she eventually relented. She knew as well as I that I didn’t belong in those ruins, and though the dangers ahead were great, I had no choice, I needed to face them, weaker and without the will to defend myself. The confrontation was over, and yet she was still alive, still looking at me… hugging me… I didn’t deserve it, but I didn’t want it to end. I had to force myself to avoid looking back, lest I see her face again and tearfully change my mind.

Into the darkness I walked further onward. The flower was waiting for me. I knew by now as it spouted off its kill-or-be-killed rant that it was the only other being in this realm that, up to this point, had any idea this wasn’t my first time here. The freakish plant laughed in my face, mocked me with the sins I thought I’d erased from everyone’s memory.

“I know what you did,” it told me as its face turned into hers. “You murdered her. And then you went back because you regretted it.” Her face started melting back into that sinister, toothy grin it had given me several times over by now.

“You naïve idiot.”

Its words stung far more than they likely should have, and it only got worse. It told me straight upfront, I wasn’t the only one with this power I’d realized I had. The ability to “save”, it called it, to reshape the world through my determination alone, to play God… Something it apparently once had, but no longer. Suddenly I felt guilt for going back, like I was a freak of nature controlling forces I had no right to manipulate. Staring into that flower’s hideous grin didn’t make matters any easier. This was the creature out of the entire lot that was most like me, so naturally it looked to be the most evil of the bunch. “I’ll be watching,” it promised me before sinking back into that solely lit spot of earth below. I didn’t want to let it get to me, but the damage was already done, and it served me right. I could have avoided all that had I just taken this path first. I was indeed a naïve idiot as it said I was. Already I was feeling the struggle to just take those few steps outside again. I just remembered her face… Toriel’s face… it would never leave my conscience. Would turning back the clock, would erasing my “save”… would it truly change anything for the better?
  1. KonfidentKurusu
    Reading this series fills you with determination.

    Jan 15, 2016
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  2. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    I've heard a great many things about Undertale but haven't played it. Let's see if reading your Let's Play can motivate me like I have apparently motivated you. *Squees for unknowingly inspiring people ^_^*
    Jan 14, 2016
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