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AU Terrater: What It Is To Fear

by Dwayna DragonFire

Dwayna DragonFire Short one-shot thing involving the CRP Monster Mash storyline. Weakened from her encounter with possession, Dwayna found herself vulnerable to nightmares. This particular one had been haunting her for some time since the war, but this time around it seemed to change to reflect her more recent fears as well.
Being possessed had been something of an ordeal, and even for all her smiles and bravado, Dwayna was actually feeling quite weak. Essentially vomiting up an evil spirit would probably do that to anybody, to be fair, but for a long time now she had believed that she couldn't show weakness. She was queen of an entire planet... she couldn't let her people down, and she wasn't about to show just how vulnerable she felt. Her only real solace was resting with her human companion, which she hid even the true extent of her pain from. She didn't want him to worry or fret anymore than he already had over her during that time, but... as she went to sleep that evening, she found herself falling into the scenery of an all to familiar nightmare.

A dark mockery of herself staring back at her with glowing, purple eyes, grinning menacingly. A few bolts of dark energy coming from the being hit some people standing on the battlefield of the war that had happened only twenty years prior. The darkness of the other planet hovered above, somehow attached to the sinister form that was the demon known as Violet, who mocked her even then. But this was the part of the fight that she never mentioned, never dared to show anyone else... “All that you are will die,” came the chilling voice of the woman, just as another bolt of dark energy hit Dwayna's chest. She fell into darkness, only to see her worst fear come to life...

The corpses of thousands of people laid at her feet, marred and covered with blood. Nothing on Terrater was bright anymore, the darkness of everything taking over the entire sky. Dwayna clasped a hand over her mouth, for fear of being sick over all of the death and destruction. The main city was in ruin, and there wasn't a living soul left aside from her... she turned to move away from this scene, but in her weakened state it would be to no avail.

Sparks of pain shot up her left arm as the mockery of Violet severed it from her 'real' body. This version of Dwayna lost her arm too as she moved towards a sight she hadn't scene in a long time. The familiar scene of a large green dragon met her eyes, and laying lifelessly curled around a female human with dark hair... her parents. This had happened thirty years prior to the war, why was it here? Perhaps it was to further mock how she always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time... But there was yet another thing that caught her eye, which she felt almost compelled to move towards.

The dragon woman collapsed as this version of her lost her right leg, but she found herself crawling towards the remaining form with everything that she had left. This corpse was of a familiar looking man... “No...” she murmured, as she used her only arm left to turn the body over. It seemed that the nightmare had changed to become something even more frightening... she clasped her only good hand left over her mouth again, sobbing as she looked upon the lifeless body of Michael.

Dwayna started out of her nightmare, finding herself back in the castle, nestled up against the sleeping form of Michael beside her. She felt tears spring to her eyes at the sight of him just laying there - even if this was reality again, it was far too similar. The woman flexed her prosthetic limbs to make sure they were still there, as she had in fact lost those limbs in that particular fight, but they had been rebuilt for her with advanced technology. Trembling slightly, she carefully moved her head so as to press her ear against her husband's chest without waking him in the process.

Thump-thump went his heart. She breathed a sigh of relief, letting the realization that he was still very much alive and connected to her set in. Dwayna curled herself ever so slightly closer to the human male, for whom the Fates had changed and made her soulmate. As her spirit was still healing from that whole ordeal, it was quite clear that she would need his company now more than ever.
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