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What Happens Next

by NocturnalNetwork

NocturnalNetwork If you ever wondered what happens after defeating Master Hand and between battles in Sm4sh, here is the answer.
Greninja smiled as he saw Master Hand fade into distance.The battle was hard, and if it weren't by Substitute, he would be knocked out.
From the ground, a trophy appeared, depicting him, and everyone else in the background. A shooting star crossed the skies behind him. Nothing would make him feel better now.
But then, something appeared. It seemed like a sign, saying 'A New Challenger Approaches!'.

"Well, wonder who shall that be."

A starship appeared as Greninja appeared from a Pokéball. A blue, avian creature appeared from it.


Greninja started the fight using a precise Shadow Sneak, but Falco countered with Falco Phantasm, which knocked back him. Then, the Ninja Pokémon striked with another Shadow Sneak, hitting the bird. Falco wasn't terrified by the move, and used a powerful, but reckless, Fire Bird, that knocked out Greninja. Game Over.

"G-gah..." Greninja muttered, drinking a Fairy Bottle to recover his damage. Fox appeared by his side.

"Let me see. Knocked by a new challenger?" Fox said.

"Yes. Falco, actually." Greninja replied.

"Oh. Didn't know he was here." Fox commented.

"Well, he does."

After chatting with Fox, he made a short Smash battle and Falco was there again.

"So we meet again." Greninja said.

Falco moved first this time, knocking Greninja back with his Blaster. But Greninja grabbed a Hammer and started ramming it on Falco's head, and Falco shielded itself.

"You're tough, huh." Falco said, using Falco Phantasm.

Greninja was not surprised, and used Substitute before being hit. Then, he countered with a powerful kick, throwing Falco off-stage.


After the battle, Falco walked to Fox and Greninja.

"Greninja, Fox, I would like to join the fight." The blue bird said.

Fox and Greninja nodded.

"Welcome, Falco."
  1. The Blue Blur
    The Blue Blur
    I Like Your Twist On The What Happens :)
    Jan 31, 2015
  2. Azur
    Ooh, what a cool story. :)
    Jan 31, 2015