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Ask the OCs: We Accept Questions!

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer If you would like to asked one of them anything make sure you tag me in your comment, if its to a specific one plese put their name in the question.
"Welcome to a brand new series called Ask the OCs!" Flame said.
"Wep, it features me." Mal said.
"Me." Chrome said.
"And me." Flame said.
"As our creator comes up with more OCs, they will get added to this." Chrome.
"Hey, you forgot about me." Katie said.
"Oh right, my sister." Flame said.
"How could you have forgot your own sister?" Mal asked.
"Its like me i guess." Flame said.
"Oh well, but as Flame said, there will be more OCs added to this as we get more into this and as our creator makes more." Chrome said.
"I think i have a new co-host in the Star Wars series." Flame said.
"Yep, its me Brittney." Brittney said.
"I almost forgot that he hasnt made a regular bio for yah yet like me sis." Flame said.
"Yeah, maybe soon." Brittney said.
"I was wondering why she has bat wings." Chrome said.
"Haha, well if you have questions please ask us!." Mal said.
"Just dont make it too personal." Katie said.
"Like our bathroom schedule." Chrome said.
"Or if we did something." Brittney said.
"Women, im going to kill yah, this is PG." Flame said.
"You just did it yourself two!." Brittney said.
"I dont care." Flame said.
"I guess we better go before we kill eachother." Chrome said.
Me: Like they said you can ask questions to them and soon I will have made regular bios for Brittney, Katie, and Chrome so look forward to that! See yah next time!
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  1. Splashfur
    I have a question. Is Katie getting a lot of business in her Pokémon showcases?
    Feb 5, 2017
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