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Warriors The Untold Stories: Warriors The Untold Stories: Ivyfire's Fear

by NightRaven

NightRaven (Yet another "fan-made" Warriors story. This time, I actually planned it out. It is based off of the song "Buy The Stars" that I found through a Hollyleaf and Ivypool MAP(Multi-Animator-Project). )

"Beware of one who has darkness in his heart...he is not what he seems..."
Ivyfire had made a big mistake; her mate, Tigerthorn, is not what he seems (A random Gravity Falls episode reference to the episode "Not What He Seems".)... She soom discovers his terrible secret...but is she too late?

Leader: Brackenstar- dark ginger tabby tom with green eyes
Deputy: Nightwing- black tom with yellow eyes
Medicine cat: Amberleaf- ginger she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Frostfeather
Shadowtail- white she-cat with a black tail and blue eyes
Firestorm- ginger-and-white tom with amber eyes
Apprentice- Hawkpaw
Featherflame- silver she-cat with amber eyes
Frostheart- white she-cat with icy blue eyes
Apprentice- Thistlepaw
Ivyfire- grey-and-white tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Tigerthorn- brown tabby tom with amber eyes and unusually long claws
Willowpelt- grey she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Runningpaw
Thunderstep- golden tom with amber eyes
Apprentice- Oakpaw
Hawkpaw- brown tabby tom with green eyes
Mosspaw- grey she-cat with green eyes
Thistlepaw- white tom with black paws and green eyes
Runningpaw- black-and-white tom with green eyes
Oakpaw- ginger tabby tom with amber eyes
Leafwing- brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Pinescar- brown she-cat with dark green eyes
Jayflight- blue-grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Flamefur- ginger tom with blue eyes
Spottedpelt- tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes
Thornslash- grey tom with yellow eyes

Leader: Snowstar- white she-cat with blue eyes
Deputy: Brambleshadow- dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Medicine cat: Mapleleaf- brown she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice- Nightpool
Moonpelt- light grey she-cat with yellow eyes
Bluecloud- blue-grey tom with white paws and blue eyes
Rainfeather- blue-grey she-cat with blue eyes
Apprentice- Sparrowpaw
Foxfur- ginger she-cat with auburn paws, a white tail tip, and amber eyes
Apprentice- Whitepaw
Wolffire- grey tom with amber eyes
Apprentice- Blackpaw
Stormcloud- dark grey tom with yellow eyes and white paws
Apprentice- Shadowpaw

Yellowclaw- golden she-cat with yellow eyes
Icefang- white she-cat with icy blue eyes

Leader: Silverstar- silver tabby she-cat with yellow eyes
Deputy: Redfeather- dark ginger tom with amber eyes
Medicine cat: Jaggedleaf- grey tom with green eyes
Apprentice- Windrunner
Waterpelt- blue-grey tom with blue eyes
Apprentice- Frostpaw
Sandfeather- pale ginger she-cat with yellow eyes
Bluefire- blue-grey she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice- Dustpaw
Hawkfire- brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Crowwing- black tom with amber eyes
Apprentice- Smokepaw
Cinderfire- dark grey she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice- Swiftpaw
Ravenfeather- black she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice- Riverpaw
Nightfang- black tom with blue eyes
Sorrelfur- tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes
Darkfire- black she-car with amber eyes

Leader: Blackstar- black tom with green eyes
Deputy: Fernblaze- grey she-cat with one green eye and one amber eye
Medicine cat: Ashfang- grey tom with blue eyes
Apprentice- Sootleaf
Windflight- white tom with yellow eyes and unusually long claws
Apprentice- Leafpaw
Sparrowwing- small brown tabby tom with green eyes
Cloudfur- white she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Stonepaw
Greyfire- grey tom with amber eyes
Apprentice- Featherpaw
Lionwing- golden she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Thunderpaw
Blackrunner- black tom with yellow eyes
Apprentice- Ivypaw
Dovewing- silver she-cat with green eyes
Bramblestripe- brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

A grey-and-white tabby slipped through the bushes, amber eyes gleaming. She was in the middle of a hunt for her claws were slightly unsheathed. She stalked a blackbird which was hopping silently on the ground, looking around in alarm. The cat had almost scared the bird off by accident, but it seemed to calm down and she was lucky enough that the bird hadn't made a noise. She was sbout to pounce, eyes narrowed.
Soon enough, she sprung silently forward, catching the bird by surprise. It was about to screech in alarm, but the cat bit down on it's neck, killing it. The cat dragged it's body back to the shadows, covering it with leaves. She didn't pay attention to where she was going and accidentally bumped into a brown tabby tom. The tom wasn't anywhere near prey, luckily, but she jumped in surprise when she struck fur.
"Ivyfire? What're you doing here?" The tom asked.
"S-sorry, Tigerthorn..." Ivyfire whispered nervously. Tigerthorn was on a border patrol, but he was behind his group.
"Shouldn't you be hunting?" Tigerthorn sighed.
"I already caught a blackbird." Ivyfire pointed out. Tigerthorn sighed.
"I gotta get back to the patrol now," He murmured. "See you later."
Ivyfire watched as the brown tom left. He had caught her staring at him in the camp a few times, and she caught him staring at her. She thought about it for a bit but shook her head rapidly and turned away, getting back to hunting. She listened for small paws scuffling among the leaves and scented the air for anything. Soon enough, she caught the scent of a mouse and she instantly dropped into the hunters crouch.
She saw the small creature crawl on top of a leaf, searching. Ivyfire crept up on the mouse and soon, she pounced and killed it off. She took her prey back to camp, amber eyes gleaming. She yawned for she was exhausted. She had been hunting all day and going on border patrols for she was paranoid about invasions.
When she was younger, the Clan had been invaded due to being weak and the attacks kept coming, day after day. Soon enough, ThunderClan became more powerful and was able to end the attacks. Her brother, Firestorm, was almost killed, but Ivyfire was able to save him. Ivyfire picked a mouse out of the pile and ate silently. She couldn't get the horrible memory out of her head.
Firestorm had a permanent scar on his throat due to the attack; a ShadowClan warrior, Bluecloud, had attempted to slit his throat, but Ivyfire scared off the ShadowClan cat and took her brother to the medicine cat, therefore managing to save him for the medicine cat was able to heal the wound. When Ivyfire was finished she padded to the warriors den and curled up. She set her tail over her muzzle and fell asleep. She wanted to end the nightmares she had been having; she was traveling the forest with a mysterious cat who suddenly turned on her, bringing her to the Dark Forest. She, of course, had the same nightmare and jolted awake, almost waking a warrior beside her.
She padded out of the den, getting outside of the camp through a hidden tunnel. Ivyfire sat outside of camp to relax. The grey-and-white tabby set off towards her favorite place to rest; a small clearing with a stream nearby and a great view of Silverpelt. She had always gone to the clearing as it always had its ways to calm her. She settled on one of the flat rocks nearby, rolling onto her back and staring up at the stars.
Soon, she fell asleep and found herself in a rather dark version of the original forest. She looked around nervously and soon, a voice spoke to her. "Beware of one who has darkness in his heart...he is not what he seems..." It told her. She soon saw the faint outline of a massive cat in front of her, glaring down at her. She seemed confused for she didn't know who the voice was talking about.
The cat slashed at her throat, but she jolted awake. She rushed back to camp, amber eyes wide. She had to keep this prophecy hidden for she felt that she knew what it could bring to her Clan. She slipped into the warriors den before anyone could see her and she curled up. This was something that could change her life forever.
Soon, the sun was rising and Ivyfire was awake. She saw Tigerthorn and soon, the cat from the prophecy appeared near him. She shook her head. There was no way in StarClan that could be him! Tigerthorn glanced at Ivyfire, confused.
The tabby padded towards Ivyfire, concerned. "What's wrong? Something's troubling you, I can feel it." He asked. "Oh...nothing...just a.....nighmare." Ivyfire whispered. Tigerthorn narrowed his eyes. "What do you know that I don't?" He growled.
"I told you, it's nothing!" Ivyfire hissed. "I know you're hiding something, Ivyfire, and I'm willing to find out what it is!" Tigerthorn snarled. "Just leave me alone!" Ivyfire snapped. "Can't you just leave me be? I know we feel the same way about eachother, but this is the only time I want you to just leave me alone! You wanna know what it is? It's a prophecy, for StarClan's sake, now can you just leave me alone?" Tigerthorn flinched. "Wait, Ivyfire-" But she was already outside of the camp.
Ivyfire rushed through the territory, soon curling up near a tree. Tigerthorn went out searching for her. "Ivyfire? Ivyfire, come back! I'm sorry, but there's something I must tell you!" He called. Ivyfire narrowed her eyes and didn't move. "Ivyfire, please!" Tigerthorn called again only to not get a response.
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  1. NightRaven
    Here's the MAP:

    Once you get more into the story, you'll see how it's related.
    Feb 11, 2016
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