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Warriors Super Edition: Jaywing's Prophecy

by NightRaven

NightRaven (Yes, I know, another story. This is just a "fan-made" Warriors Super Edition. Well, this story I will make sure to finish soon. ^^ I hope you enjoy~! )

"A storm will rise and rain will fall...and silence will drown the forest..."
RiverClan is facing a dark time; warriors are dying at an alarming rate. Jaykit has wanted to be a warrior, but StarClan has chosen him a different path. The blind kit hasn't a clue of the horror that is happening to RiverClan and how many of its warriors are dying, but there's one thing he does know...that nothing will ever be the same again.
Leader: Mossstar- grey she-cat with green eyes
Deputy: Bramblescar- brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Medicine cat: Amberleaf- ginger she-cat with green eyes
Thistlethorn- grey tom with green eyes
Apprentice- Hawkpaw
Thunderfur- massive golden tom with yellow eyes
Fernfeather- light grey she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Stormpaw
Sparrowflight- small brown tom with white paws and green eyes
Apprentice- Dawnpaw
Cloudfang- white she-cat with yellow eyes
Ivyfire- grey tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice- Redpaw
Wolfclaw- grey tom with yellow eyes
Apprentice- Foxpaw
Hawkpaw- brown tabby tom with green eyes
Stormpaw- grey tom with yellow eyes
Dawnpaw- ginger she-cat with green eyes
Redpaw- dark ginger she-cat with yellow eyes
Foxpaw- ginger tom with amber eyes
Moonflower- grey tabby she-cat with green eyes (mother of Jaykit; blue-grey tabby tom with blue eyes; Ashkit; dark grey tom with blue eyes; and Rainkit; blue-grey she-cat with blue eyes)
Sunpelt- golden she-cat with amber eyes (Mother of Amberkit; ginger she-cat with green eyes; and Firekit; ginger tom with amber eyes)
Ashfeather- grey she-cat with green eyes (Mother of Bramblekit; brown tabby she-cat with green eyes; Cloudkit; white tom with yellow eyes; and Featherkit; silver she-cat with green eyes)
Brackenthorn- grey she-cat with green eyes
Stonepelt- grey tom with yellow eyes
Frostwing- white she-cat with icy blue eyes; oldest she-cat in RiverClan
Jaggedclaw- dark grey tom with amber eyes; oldest tom in RiverClan

Leader: Whitestar- white tom with green eyes
Deputy: Stormwing- grey she-cat with amber eyes
Medicine cat: Fireleaf- ginger she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Hollytail
Sunfire- ginger she-cat with yellow eyes
Silverstrike- silver tom with green eyes
Apprentice- Oakpaw
Cedarstep- ginger tom with green eyes
Apprentice- Pinepaw
Bluestorm- blue-grey she-cat with blue eyes
Apprentice- Windpaw
Greycloud- large grey tom with green eyes
Yellowleaf- golden she-cat with green eyes
Soottail- grey she-cat with green eyes
Flamefeather- ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Leader: Blackstar- pitch black tom with yellow eyes
Deputy: Shadowrunner- black she-cat with green eyes
Medicine cat: Heathertail- light brown she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Lionfur
Hollythorn- black she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice- Runningpaw
Swiftheart- white she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Bluepaw
Deadfoot- brown tabby tom with blue eyes and a broken paw
Blacktail- grey tom with a black tail and yellow eyes
Apprentice- Brokenpaw
Leafstripe- brown she-cat with green eyes
Silvermoon- silver she-cat with white paws and yellow eyes
Duskfur- grey she-cat with green eyes
Redfeather- dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes
Ashtail- grey she-cat with amber eyes

Leader: Stormstar- grey tom with green eyes
Deputy: Nightfeather- black she-cat with amber eyes
Medicine Cat: Bramblefang- brown tabby tom with yellow eyes
Apprentice- Birchleaf
Squirrelrunner- ginger she-cat with white paws and blue eyes
Dovefur- silver she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Moonpaw
Crowwing- dark grey tom with green eyes
Apprentice- Ravenpaw
Rowanfur- dark ginger she-cat with green eyes
Flamerunner- ginger she-cat with yellow eyes
Apprentice- Firepaw
Birchpelt- white she-cat with amber eyes
Pinepelt- dark brown she-cat with yellow eyes
Amberfang- ginger she-cat with amber eyes
Oakstripe- ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes

"W-where am I?" A voice asked in fear. A cat was with him, her tail curled around him. "Don't be afraid, Jaykit...you are in StarClan now." The she-cat mewed. "S-StarClan? I'm dead?" Jaykit wailed. "No, young one...this is a dream." The she-cat meowed gently.
Jaykit didn't believe her. He was told by Moonflower that cats die and go to StarClan. He was never told about cats being able to have dreams of being in StarClan—or maybe he was and he has only forgotten. Jaykit sighed and stayed by the she-cat of which wasn't like him; usually he'd wander off no matter where he was. "Follow me....I'll show you as much as I can before you must wake up." The she-cat mewed as she bounded away.
Jaykit nodded and followed her, but he was far behind. "W-wait for me!" He called, trying to catch up. Now he was only stuck with scent; the she-cat was out of sight now. He tasted the air and followed her scent trail. The once thick forest was thinning out to reveal a massive clearing full of cats.
He stared in awe at the sight of thousands of cats that had fur that glittered with starlight. He spotted the she-cat and rushed towards her. "This is StarClan, dear Jaykit. All good warriors who die go here." She mewed. "Wow...this place is huge!" He meowed. "Well it has to be to fit all of these warriors!" The she-cat meowed with amusement, but behind that amusement was an ominous feeling; cats were dying at an alarming rate.
"I have to go...I'll see you next time, Jaykit." The she-cat mewed. Jaykit tilted his head, one ear flopping over. "What? Why?" He wailed. "If I stay any longer, you're going to wake up by sunhigh! Your mother wouldn't be very happy about that, now would she?" The she-cat sighed. Jaykit shook his head, sighing.
"I guess not. Well, bye!" Jaykit meowed. "Goodbye, young Jaykit..." The she-cat meowed and she faded away. Soon everything went black and stayed that way. Jaykit yawned and got up, exhausted. He heard his siblings, Ashkit and Rainkit, playing outside the nursery.
The blue-grey tabby kit was bounding in their direction. "What're you guys playing?" He asked in excitement. "Oh, good morning Jaykit! I was just about to dare Ashkit!" Rainkit meowed. "Really? Awesome!" Jaykit purred. "Oh c'mon! Why do you always have to dare me?" Ashkit complained.
"Because life isn't fair; I dare you to...switch out one of the nests in the elders den with wet moss!" Rainkit challenged. "What? Why me?" Ashkit growled. He found some wet moss and padded slowly to the elders den. Luckily, the elders weren't there. He padded into the den, hooked the nearest nest of dry moss on his small claws and switched it out with wet moss.
He dragged the dry moss and set it in a clump of ferns. He returned to his siblings. "There, did it." He growled. "Jaykit, what do you wanna be when you're an apprentice? Remember, it's only one moon away!" Rainkit meowed. "I wanna be a warrior apprentice! What about you?" Jaykit meowed.
"I want to be a medicine cat apprentice." Rainkit purred. "A medicine cat? You mean the cats that only mix herbs and stuff?" Ashkit growled. "What? Medicine cats are awesome!" Rainkit retorted. "Well warriors actually fight for their Clan!" Ashkit snapped back. "Yeah, but at least medicine cats don't uselessly shed blood to protect their Clan!" Rainkit hissed.
"Oh, for StarClan's sake, what is it now?" Moonflower growled awake. "Rainkit wants to be one of those weak medicine cats!" Ashkit meowed. "But Ashkit's making fun of them!" Rainkit objected. "Medicine cats and warriors are both amazing! Now can you just hush up so we can get some sleep!" Moonflower scolded. The two kits ignored Moonflower and began bickering again.
"I hate medicine cats! They don't do anything for their Clan!" Ashkit snarled. Of course, Amberleaf was right behind him when he said that. "Excuse me? Medicine cats are more powerful than you think! They don't just mix herbs and fix wounds; they recieve prophecies that could determine our very lives! We have probably the most powerful connection to StarClan than any other rank in a Clan!" She defended. Ashkit flinched. "I'm so sorry, Amberleaf!" Moonflower meowed nervously at the angry she-cat.
"It's not your fault, Moonflower; it's Ashkit who should be sorry." Amberleaf sighed. The angered medicine cat returned to her den. "Ashkit! You know better than that! Go to your nest right now!" Moonflower scolded and Ashkit returned to the nursery. Just then, the elders returned to their den. "Ashkit, who's nest did you replace?" Rainkit asked nervously.
"Uhh...the closest one to the entrance." Ashkit whispered. "May StarClan be with you! You just replaced the nest of Brackenthorn, the most cranky elder in the whole forest!" Rainkit meowed. Ashkit's fur bristled and he tried to hide in his nest as soon as he heard a hiss of fury come from the elders den. "Why is my nest made of wet moss? Who did this? They better know that wet moss isn't good for old bones!" Brackenthorn growled. "I did...Sorry. I was dared by Rainkit." Ashkit sighed.
"Rainkit! You go to your nest too! You know far better than that! Sorry, Brackenthorn." Moonflower apologized. "Good." The cranky elder growled, returning to the den. Moonflower found the dry moss and rushed back to the den, replacing the wet moss with the dry moss. "Nice job, Rainkit." Ashkit growled. "Not my fauly!" Rainkit lied.
"Yes it is! You dared me to do that!" Ashkit retorted. "Did not!" Rainkit snapped back.
"Did too!"
"Did not!"
"Did too!"
"Silence!" A deep voice hissed and the two kits finally hushed up. It was their father, Bramblescar. "Quit your bickering! You could even scare the prey in StarClan with your annoyance!" He scolded. "Sorry dad..." The two kits apologized. Bramblescar padded away, growling.
Moonflower returned to the nursery, curling up. Jaykit felt something wet hit his fur. He ignored it, but it happened again and again. "Jaykit, get back in the nursery! It's beginning to rain!" Moonflower meowed. Jaykit rushed back to the nursery. "Mom, why am I blind?" Jaykit asked. "Well, when you were three moons old, you were playing outside the camp. You hadn't a clue what you were doing and you accidentally fell off a cliff and fell imto the camp. You were blinded by the strong blow but you survived." Moonflower explained. Jaykit sighed, curling up beside his mother. He soon fell asleep and met the same she-cat. After the dream, he woke up to find it was in the morning and still raining.
He padded outside of the nursery in silence, looking around. He wanted to see the camp, but he was blind. He sighed, happy that the rain had died down a bit. He got a small piece of prey from the pile and ate in silence. He soon began to play with his siblings until he had to return to the nursery.
"All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Riverstone (yes, I made that up because I don't know what the leader calls the meetings from) for a Clan meeting." The leader announced. Today was the day! The day Jaykit, Rainkit, and Ashkit would become apprentices! The three kits of course had to look perfect for this day and so Moonflower began to clean them. "Our Clan has been through quite a bit. Being a RiverClan cat is an honor to StarClan themselves. Today, we have three new apprentices. Rainkit, please step up to the Riverstone." The leader meowed and Rainkit did so in happiness.
"Rainkit, from this day forward until you earn your medicine cat name, you shall be known as Rainpaw. Amberleaf, you will have your first apprentice. Pass down the skills in interpreting prophecies and signs and knowledge of herbs to Rainpaw." Mossstar meowed. Amberleaf nodded and padded up to the Riverstone, touching her nose to Rainpaw who licked her shoulder in return. "Ashkit, please step up to the Riverstone." Mossstar meowed. Ashkit rushed up the Riverstone and beside his leader. "Ashkit, from this day forward until you earn your warrior name, you shall be known as Ashpaw. Cloudfang, you will mentor Ashpaw and pass down the powerful skills in fighting to him." Mossstar meowed and Cloudfang nodded, doing the same as Amberleaf.
"Jaykit, please step up to the Riverstone." Mossstar meowed. Jaykit rushed up the blue-tinted stone to his leader. "Jaykit, from this day forward until you earn your warrior name, you shall be known as Jaypaw. Thunderfur, you shall mentor this apprentice and pass down all that you know to him." Mossstar announced and Thunderfur did the same as Cloudfang and Amberleaf. The apprentices and their mentors padded off of the rock and sat down. Finally, after all the moons they've been waiting, they are finally apprentices!
"Jaypaw! Ashpaw! Rainpaw!" The Clan cats cheered. The three apprentices purred in excitement. "When are we going to begin training?" Jaypaw asked Thunderfur. "Right now. We'll begin with hunting." Thunderfur meowed and led his apprentice through the tunnel of stone. They were heading straight to the river.
Finally, the rain had stopped. "Alright, here's how you catch a fish. Try not to allow it to see you, so you will want to be barely over the water and as still as you can get. Keep a paw just above the water, and once it is near your paw, you want to snag a claw or two on it, drag it out of the water, and kill it." Thunderfur explained. Jaypaw nodded. He had to rely on his sense of smell for this due to his blindness. Thunderfur demonstrated and managed to get a large fish.
Jaypaw did as instructed and managed to catch a fish as well. He found a way to kill it and they began to hunt for a few minutes. Soon, they took their prey back to the camp, setting it on the pile. "Alright, now for some battle practice." Thunderfur meowed and Jaypaw nodded, following his mentor. They began to train for fighting, but Jaypaw just couldn't fight because of his blindness.
"Come on, Jaypaw! You can do this!" Thunderfur growled in frustration. "But I can't! I'm blind!" Jaypaw wailed. "In order to be a warrior, you must fight!" Thunderfur hissed. "Well, then maybe I wasn't cut out to be a warrior! M-maybe I was supposed to be a medicine cat!" Jaypaw snapped back. Jaypaw stormed off back to camp and to Mossstar's den.
"Mossstar, can I come in?" Jaypaw asked impatiently. "Yes, what is it?" Mossstar asked. "I....I can't be a warrior apprentice." Jaypaw choked out. He can't be what he always wanted to be. "What? Why?" Mossstar seemed confused.
"You should know by now! I'm blind!" Jaypaw growled. "So what if you're blind; you can still be a warrior!" Mossstar meowed. Just then Rainpaw was in the den. "Mossstar I can't be a medicine cat! I hate earning grunts of pain by trying to fix wounds and I hate having to mix herbs! I can never remember them!" Rainpaw complained. "I suppose Jaypaw should be Amberleaf's apprentice and you, Rainpaw should be Thunderfur's apprentice." Mossstar sighed.
"The change will happen now." Mossstar then called the Clan to a meeting. "Amberleaf, your apprentice is wanting to switch to be a warrior apprentice and Thunderfur, your apprentice is willing to take on the role of a medicince cat apprentice." Mossstar announced. Amberleaf and Thunderfur nodded. "Alright. Jaypaw, do you think you can memorize the herbs and fix wounds?" Amberleaf questioned, earning a nod from Jaypaw. "Rainpaw, do you think you'll be able to fight for your Clan?" Thunderfur questioned, earning a nod from Rainpaw.
"Then it's settled. Jaypaw is now Amberleaf's apprentice and Rainpaw is now Thunderfur's apprentice." Mossstar announced. With a flick of her tail, the Clan cats returned to what they were doing, occassionally meowing about the change. "Well, come on Jaypaw, it's time for you to learn about how the herbs work." Amberleaf meowed and Jaypaw nodded, following her. "Come on, Rainpaw. You'll make an excellent warrior." Thunderfur meowed and Rainpaw nodded and began to follow her new mentor. The two cats didn't get to be what they always wanted to since they were kits.
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  1. NightRaven
    Just so you guys know, the main character is based off of Erin Hunter's Jayfeather. Both are blind, blue-grey tabbies, and have switched mentors in the Power Of Three series. Also, there is one more similar thing, but It will occur later in the story. Rainpaw and Ashpaw are based off of his siblings, but not by much. ^^
    Jan 16, 2016