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Story Covers: Warriors: Burning Feathers (Cover)

by NightRaven

NightRaven Well, this is the cover I just created for a new story called "Warriors: Burning Feathers". Soon, I'll make covers for a few other stories I have written, along with newer ones in the future.
Originally, the cats names were going to be Flamefeather(Warrior) and Duskshade(Warrior), but now, looking at the text beside them (Flaming Feather, Shaded Dusk), I might just make that their names; but then the cats in the prophecy would be extremely obvious:
"A flaming feather at the shade of dusk will bring an end to the forest and it's stars..."
So, I'll just keep it as Flamefeather and Duskshade.
I hope you like the cover! ^^