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Warrior cats!:Moonlit chapter 2

by Dootletail

Chapter 2
Grasspaw looked around to hunt for something,he took a step,another step,one more very slow step.then he smelt something,vole.it was hiding in the frosted bushes of leaf-bare.Grasspaw crept slowly,slowly until the tiny apprentice was one mouse-length away from its prey.And pounced on the vole.

"Wow!Awesome catch Grasspaw!"Singlepaw encouraged,"Thanks."Grasspaw muttered picked up his kill,"I'll take this to the fresh kill pile.And you can meet me at Thunderclan camp."Silverfate offered,"Thank you."Grasspaw said giving her the dead vole.And Silverfate walked away.

"So what do you want to do?"Asked Singlepaw,"I don't know."Muttered Grasspaw and walked to the river.

He Grasspaw could tell some of the ice was thin and some of it was thick."Grasspaw!"Shouted Singlepaw and right at that time something pulled the tiny main coon into the water.

Grasspaw was actually a very good swimmer,he tried and tried to get back up on land,but for some reason he couldn't.Then something dived into the water,it was probably a Riverclan apprentice.The black-and-white apprentice pulled Grasspaw by the scruff and pulled him on land.

Grasspaw gasped for air,"You fox-dung!What were you thinking?"The Riverclan she-cat scolded,Singlepaw answered,"It looked as if something pulled him into the water."Grasspaw nodded,"Well,I'm on patrol."The Rivercaln she-cat reported,"Grasspaw."Grasspaw introduced,"Shiverpaw."Shiverpaw introduced back and walked away.
  1. Dootletail
    Mar 5, 2017