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Warrior cats!: Warrior cats!:Moonlit chapter 1

by Dootletail

Chapter 1
Grasspaw was asleep in the apprentices den,curled up and warm he was sure the bitter leaf-bare wouldn't get in his way,until Singlepaw jumped on him."Wake up,wake up,wake up!"The young apprentice squealed."Fine........"Grasspaw moaned.

"What do you want to do???"Singlepaw asked jumping up and down,Nothing.Ganswered quietly,"I'll get my mentor and we can go hunting."Singlepaw said racing off to find Silverfate.

Moments later Singlepaw and Silverfate were walking side by side,"Let's go near sunningrocks!"Singlepaw squeaked,"Alright then."Silverfate answered calmly to her apprentice,and the three cats left to go hunt.
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