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The New Clan Code: Warrior Cats Guide

by JustARandomCanadian

JustARandomCanadian A fanfic of warrior cats
Leader: Dusk- a black tomcat
Deputy: Almond- a dusty brown tomcat with peach paws.
Medic: Cross- A pale white she-cat with a cross-like shape on her face.
Eel- a bluish gray tomcat with yellowish paws.
Yin- a white shecat with a black tail.
Yang- a black shecat with a white tail.
Robin- a brown tom with a red belly.
Fang- a black tomcat with white paws, and a white underbelly.
Shattereddream- a black she-cat with a peach backstripe. Previously from LeafClan.
Nursing Mothers:
Rain- a bluish gray shecat with yellowish paws.
Retired Hunters And Fighters:
Raincloud- a dark gray tomcat, with a ragged pelt. Previously from LeafClan.
Darkheart- a black tom, blind. Previously from LeafClan

Leader: Thornstar- a brown tom with a torn ear.
Deputy: Ratbite- a gray tom with a hairless tail.
Medicine cat: Mossfur- a brownish shecat with dazzling green eyes.
apprentice: Sunpaw
Hollysnarl- a black she-cat with yellow eyes
Sunsetleaf- an orange tomcat with white paws and stripes
apprentice: Lemonpaw
Wildfire- a ginger shecat with darker ginger eyes
Stonewing- a gray tomcat with a white chest
apprentice: Fernpaw
Pinktail- a peach she-cat with a darker peach tail, and a white tail tip.
Shrewface- a dusty brown tomcat with a darker brown ear.
Whitemask- a white tomcat with a black face.
apprentice: Bluepaw
Russetfeather- a small, reddish shecat with a white tail.
Tawnydew- a small reddish shecat with white paws and a white-tipped tail.
Sunpaw- a golden tomcat with a white chest
Lemonpaw- a golden shecat with black and white ears
Fernpaw- a gray shecat
Bluepaw- a bluish gray shecat with dazzling blue eyes
Sweetsong- a black shecat with a peach tail
Bitterleap- a jumpy golden shecat
Kodiac- a previous rouge, A black tomcat with a white chest. Early retirement due to Deafness.
Frog- a previous rouge, a light gray shecat. Early retirement due to Blindness.
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