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Warrior cats!: Warrior cats!:Apprentice training chapter 2

by Dootletail

Chapter 2
Shypaw looked at the sky,dark was falling quickly."What now?"Flickpaw broke the silence,"I don't know."Shypaw said staring into space.Shypaw thought she saw Silverpelt but she thought it was just a bunch of stars.Shypaw's eyes clouded and looked down.
Autumnheart walked over to the two,"Hi Shypaw,"Autumnheart said calmly."I would like to go hunting with Flickpaw to train."She said quietly,Shypaw nodded,and Flickpaw and Autumnheart were out of sight."Heya Shypaw."A voice said and Shypaw jumped.It was Cinnamonfur,"Oh h-hi."Shypaw said almost having a hard attack."Training?"She asked,Cinnamonfur nodded."Let's go."Cinnamonfur said,"Yeah,let's go."Shytail agreed,then they walked out of sight.
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