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Warrior cats!:Apprentice training chapter 1

by Dootletail

Chapter 1
Flickpaw and Shypaw stood close together ready to attack.Flickpaw lowered his body and sept his claw across the earth."Ready?"Shypaw asked,"Ready."Flickpaw agreed and pinned Shypaw to the ground,Shypaw kicked Flickpaw with her hind legs onto his stomach and climbed on top of him."You would be the best warrior...........if I wasn't birthed!"Joked Flickpaw shaking Shypaw off."Oh really?"Shypaw said narrowing her eyes and whipped him with her tail.Flickpaw stayed quiet but had a smirk on his face,Shytail whipped her tail again."You win."Flickpaw admitted,"Good."Shypaw meowed."Time to catch a prey!"Shouted Flickpaw running off.Shypaw stayed where she was smelling for a stench of rabbit.She finally smelt something.But it wasn't what she was looking for,"A mouse."Shypaw predicted and went into a crouch.As she smelt the stench coming from the bush she started moving quietly,the prey was getting nearer and nearer,Shypaw was right behind the mouse.So she cupped it with her paws and killed it."Perfect."Meowed Shypaw,"Just than Flickpaw walked up to her."A caught a rabbit!"He muffled through his teeth."Mouse."Shypaw sighed and went to put there fresh-kill in the pile.
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