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War Of Hormone- 방탄소년단 (BTS) Love Story/ J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok x OC): War Of Hormone- 방탄소년단 (BTS) Love Story/ J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok x OC) Chapter 2

by Wi Seong Kim

Wi Seong Kim Chapter 2: 우리 사랑하지 말아요
//This is a bit of a filler chapter, explaining how it is Wiseong and Namjoon are related and why she's there//

“So, Namjoon is related to Wiseong from Repeat?” V asked lightly, raising a curious brow at the two apparent cousins.

“Yes, we’re related. My mom has a sister who--” The leader was cut off by his own cousin.

“--Married my dad. And, that was twenty years ago--” Now she was cut off by her cousin.

“And, around that time I was born.” When Namjoon said that, he was in the zone with arguing against his cousin, like he always did, trying to dominate the story telling.

“ANNND! For the last nineteen years, we’ve been raised together. TADA!” Wiseong had finished the story, aka wrap up.

“Well, we haven’t seen each other as much since the debut.”

“Ours was right after. Late 2013.” Added the younger cousin. “Over the last two years, we only see each other on weekends, sometimes, or family events.” She gave a look to Namjoon, smirking slightly.

Rap Mon rolled his eyes, a similar smirk on his face. Everyone else had no idea why these two seemed to be at one another’s throats.

“So, Wiseong, why are you here?” He asked, that he was the infamous Suga. A confused look on his face.

“Oh? Why I’m here? Well, Namjoon and I have been talking about doing a song together. Also, doing a collab. album together- BTS and Repeat.” She had explained, smiling lightly.

“That sounds pretty cool.” J-Hope added into the conversation, knowing he might get cut off by the two rivaling cousins.

“So, collab? A song or an album?” Jin asked, contributing to the talk. He was honestly glad that the cousin thing was cleared up.

Namjoon and Wiseong had gone and sat along with the group on the floor.

They were in a kind of semi-circle, from left to right it was Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V, Wiseong and lastly, Jungkookie.

“We were thinking mini album, six songs maybe?” Wiseong said, her voice had a curious right to it. “What do you think, Namjoon?”

“Mini album sounds good. But, six songs? How about five?” He asked, glancing at the phone he magically- yes, magically- pulled out of nowhere.

“Maybe seven.” Kookie decided to add in. Which made everyone look to him.

Seven, in all honesty, is just more work; planning songs, practicing the dancing -for MVs, of course-, songwriting.

“Seven sounds like a bit too much.” Jin added in lightly. He looked to the other for their opinions.

“That sounds like a bit too much.” Jimin said softly. “I agree with Jin.

“Agree.” V copied, smiling widely as he agreed with his best friend, Jimin.

“I still think that six songs sounds better.” Wiseong had persisted as she looked to everyone. She forgot that all she told them about herself, in the haste of questions, was she’s related to Namjoon. Nothing more.

“I mean, I talked to Repeat and we’re fine with any number of possible songs.” She had added.

“Well,” Jin had started, looking to everyone one-by-one. “It looks like we’re either going to do five or six songs. Sorry, Jungkook.”

“It’s fine. I just thought seven might be okay.” The maknae replied, easily accepting the apology.

“So, six songs?” Suga clarified, looking at Wiseong, then Namjoon. He gave a slight to everyone, seeing if that was okay. And, it was, everyone nodded back.

“Six songs, it is.” J-Hope said, smiling lightly at everyone. “When do we get started?”

“Tomorrow.” Both Wiseong and Namjoon had said at the same time. They sent light glares at one another, but she had backed off, letting her cousin speak to his band.

“Today.” The leader had started. “Is just to have introductions and let Wiseong get used to the office. Repeat will be here with us tomorrow.”

“Repeat is at SM. We’ll arrive here tomorrow at nine. The we will decided who does what and who partners with who. Namjoon and I are going to do a song together.” Wiseong had explained, nodding lightly.

“So, one of the six songs will be for Rap Monster and Wiseong. And, as for the other songs, we’ll talk about everything else tomorrow?” Jin asked lightly. “Right?”

“Precisely.” Wiseong said, smiling lightly. And, at that point, everyone began to introduce themselves to Wiseong. Hopefully, this won’t be a mistake.